-_- i call killzone/resistance 3 …

Comment posted Keighley: You’ve seen GOWIII, wait until you see what Sony has next by Dr. Moogle.


i call killzone/resistance 3

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  • Kojima working on adventure game with Suda 51
    oh wow, only 1 comment? perhaps i should come back to reclaim my throne ;p

    probably too lazy tho -_-

    but anyways, this would be AWESOME, seeing as how heavy rain did quite exceptionally…..and we’re talking about kojima here… for those of you who dont know, kojima also did quite a few radio dramas; this would not be too far off.

    I mean, it can be a remake/sequel to policenauts/snatcher or a new IP and ill still probably buy it….lest it just totally bombed

  • Mega Man creator to announce new game
    really? you put the pic of X instead of megaman in representation of the FATHER OF MEGAMAN??

    what is this treachery??

  • The most overlooked games of 2010 so far
    SSF4 and Bayonetta dont need to be on there imo
  • Sony: We legitimized Gaming
    to a point they did….but i got into gaming when i was but a wee lad with the SNES and Genesis

    so yeah, they did bring in quite a lot of people tho

  • Expect more games to become movie IPs
    omg please no…..too many games are becoming movies…ang guess what? im pretty damn sure most of them WILL fail

    is this to be another stupid ass fad?

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  1. Where is socom 4 or Resistance3 !?

  2. Or killzone 3

  3. Please be something new for the system like resistance or heavy rain not a part 2 or a part 3 of an older game.

  4. @killah2010

    A Socom 4 or Resistance 3 game announcement from Sony would be awesome. Both of those games are great and another game in those series would be a successful hit game that a lot of people would buy.

  5. “”The new game being announced might be Last Guardian for the Playstation 3, but that game is already announced. It could be a new IP that hasn’t been announced yet and will be announced soon.””

    /“Wait until you see what they are doing next….very soon on GTTV!”/

    yeah dude I see where your getting at, but as the quote says they didn’t mention anything about a new video game, and the Last Guardian has little to no info on it other then the little boy and the Griffin, it could be a new innovation in Last Guardian or into any future games. Or it can be a new IP the only ones who knows is the Sony Staff and GTTV

  6. Twisted Metal Black 2, Remember I said it 1st

  7. @iLLuMiiNaTi_911

    If Sony announces Twisted Metal Black 2, it would be a really good game for the PS3. I hope they create large multiplayer battles with large stages if they announce that game. The original Twisted Metal Black was fun, so Twisted Metal Black 2 would be a highly anticipated game if they announce it.

  8. They are going to end up showing a trailer using their “wi-like” controller for GOW3,,

  9. @VR-4nic, Eight days and getaway was previously announced to be canceled, but later on Sony confirmed that they were just put on hold, I just want info on those two titles and yeah on FFvs13

  10. @Joe

    I don’t think they will show a trailer demonstrating the Playstation Arc Remote with God of War 3 because God of War 3 is already made and they aren’t going to go back and recreate the game for the Playstation Arc Remote. I don’t think the announcement will be about a piece of hardware, but rather a software as in a new IP or new game in some sort of game series.

  11. Little Big Flopper… I kill me.

  12. there going to show this youtube video aren’t they….



  13. Killzone 3 LADYS and GENTS hello……!!!@!

  14. well reading his quote what THEY are doing so hes talking about sony santa monica.
    now why do i find it hard to believe that they will be showing their next game “soon”?
    it has taken them 4 freaking years to make the game, and just now have they started showing videos of it.
    if there talking about other ps3 games, or different studios than fine but thats certainly does not seem what hes referring to.

    meh, ill go out on a limb and say its SYPHON FILTER 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. J&D was NDog IP and I think there pretty occupied with Uncharted DLC.

  16. -_-

    i call killzone/resistance 3

  17. my bet, is keighlys on xbox side, with gametrailers, everyone knows this..

    its gonna be a a crap little arcade game, for 6.29p., i bet you, and ts writen in that way, to make you feel its a big game, when its not, and hes trying to de-hype the ps3s team.

    but, i ahve something for you , feel the love…. real news./…..here wweee goooo

    obv resistance 3 is comin, killzone 3 is comming… n

    1…ssx – ps3 exclusive o dere…the best game in the world epic epic savage gameplay wiked game

    2…ace combat 7 – ps3 exclusive – afetr xbox paying namco for 6 exclusive, and all the framework for xbox, 7 is completely re-done for ps3 bluray tech.

    3…the mark or kri – check youtube for footage of the first
    ps3 exclusive obv….. ahha keeps getting better

    4… twisted metal 5. check youtube again, for number 4, or the ps2 vrsions, but the psone versions were the classics.

    5…grantheft auto 5, ps3 exclusive, 2 or 3 weeks till unveiling
    not long to go people

    6. AGENT – need i say more>? wel, actually , i cant say more, as this is the most secretive ps3 exclusive ever. or infact any game, ever, there is nothing on this game, and i bet thats jus how rockstarr want it. those sik scottish basterds.. kill it every time, they cant fail.. people like siknes

    7. motorstorm 3. ps3 exclusive…getting tired yet>?

    8. modnation racers, june 1st release… yes….ps3 exclusi…

    9. do you need a number 9>? afer all that..really..


    syphon filter 5, ps3 exclusive

    naughty dogs immense uncharted 3 is a surefire fact

    and to finish infamous 2,…….

    okay one more ‘the last guardian’ and ico collosus double pack

    that makes 12, one a month my babies,,,,start saving,,, ps3’s got you covered.

    peace . …out…..follow twitter mrpurple101

  18. Omg are they finally going to announce Legend of Dragoon 2 :-o. Hope they do 🙂

  19. God of war is looking awesome and really excited for this new game. Hopefully it wont be a new shooter unless its resistance or killzone.

  20. @Deedui69

    I didn’t think the original Legend of Dragoon was that good, so if they announce a new RPG game, I hope that it is a new Lunar game. The Lunar series was great and they have a good storyline to them. The cutscenes in the Lunar games are also very good too.

  21. im pretty sure its resistance 3

  22. @name
    By the quote ” what THEY are doing” I think he meant what sony’s first party developers are doing, not SANTA MONICA.

  23. worldwide charts ps3 has 18 in the top 50….xbox only has 12. aa’aa’and..

    Motorstorm 3
    Twisted Metal 4
    Ace combat 7
    The mark of kri
    Uncharted 3
    Resistance 3
    Killzone 3
    God of war 3
    Gran turismo 5
    Grand theft auto 5
    syphon filter 5
    The last guardian
    infamous 2

    all exclusive…even ssx an ea game?!!! real news , better believe im not joking either

    ALL AAA games,. from sony,. one from ea. i boycotted ea, activision and ubi soft years ago, only brought sony first party. and a few others thq and sega, namly.
    but ea big / freestyle what ever there called studios, well..thats another story, nba street & ssx anyday anytime anyplace, il be there. peace … follow twitter mrpurple101

    again, sony whooooopin’

  24. and no, you havnt seen god of war, i have though,..new footage hit the net 1 min ago…eyes are now melted, i am touch typing…..

    keighly was talking about one of the games ive mentioned

  25. @StarSpeed
    Well I fully respect your opinion, but I thought that legend of Dragoon was a pretty solid game. But yes, I completely forgot about Lunar and how good the gameplay was in the old times :-). I would be happy either way. Just hope that Sony will reveal an awesome RPG game. Really have been missing those types of RPG’s they made for the ps2 :-S.

  26. Kinetica rocked March 2, 2010 @ 22:40

    New Twisted Metal from Sony Santa Monica more than likely. But I really liked Kinetica, the design and gameplay were cool. A next-gen version of Kinetica with more combat, the ability to scale more surfaces along the track, more jumps, more futuristic maps, and great graphics would be bombin.

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