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He is my Hero! :D …

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Comment posted Kevin Butler’s ‘stache sells ModNation Racers by Doominator.

He is my Hero! 😀

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  • Deadpool

    LOL, damn I love these things

  • TRF

    Hilarious! Kevin Butler strikes again!

  • BlinkyEC

    What is this ? I don’t even

  • ImLastBoss

    I played Mario Kart 64 to death , and MNR is my kart fantasy that came true~!!!

  • Moocows111111

    MNR looks like its going to be awesome, I’m debating if I’m going to get it or not, Its hard to resist the Stache.

  • Dr. Moogle

    LOL, kevin is awesome!!

    and of course…MNR 😀

  • Kratos

    Lmao the writers of these commercials are genius.

  • Kratos

    lol the writers of these commercials are genius!

  • 9Y0


  • DonMatteo13

    EPIC! I would pre order on this commercial aone 😉 LOL

  • taus90

    They HAVE to have him deliver the E3 keynote. It would instantly become the best keynote EVAR!!!

  • Reigen

    Kevin Butler would be the best way to anounce a game or something at e3

  • TRF

    VP of Inspiration and Perspiration. XD

  • scottspeed

    love him, wish he was my dad XD

  • Doominator

    He is my Hero! 😀

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