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Killzone 3 Beta Codes Giveaway

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Currently there are over 40 million PlayStation 3s scattered around the world and yet, only 20,000 or so beta codes for Killzone 3 have seen the light of day. That makes your overall odds of receiving one pretty slim, doesn’t it? Thankfully, with PlayStation University, you can vastly improve those odds today as we have a good chunk of codes to give away.

In case you’re curious as to what you’re missing right now — feel free to checkout all of these new Killzone 3 beta videos and screenshots.

In order to get you into the beta as fast as possible, we’ve decided to run this giveaway until 12 AM tonight, PST. So, this will last for roughly 14 hours and then the codes will be given out to those who entered and won. As always, entering one of our code giveaways is simple and easy to the point where any gamer can do it!

Simply fill out the comment section below while utilizing a valid email address and leave a comment letting us know why you want a Killzone 3 Beta code. At the end of the day, we’ll choose our winners and send out Beta Codes via email by 2 AM PST. That means, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, you’ll be ready to start downloading!

Good luck and enter below!

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Comments (948)

  • Gluka

    I will leave feedback on the beta forums if I get a code; that’s the primary reason I want one. I loved KZ2 and I want to help find problems and keep the game on track.


    I want a beta key plenty, should be reason enough really.
    If not.. Hail the Dean and Playstation University!

  • mallen1220

    I really want the beta because I want to give reviews and get the word out for when the game really comes out, and say how I think it is compared to KZ2 and advise for the people who might or might not have the code. Thanks!

  • okeej

    hey psuniversity, I’m a huge fan of the killzone franchise and I’ve played all of the games in it so far. My favorite one is kz2 and I’ve played that soo much so I would love to try out the kz3 beta and I’d give feedback about glitches, balancing issuse and all that to make the game the best multiplayer it can be.
    hopefully I’ll get a code, thank you :)

  • maxamealious

    I been a fan since KZ one and so my heart sank when I heard I couldnt get into the beta. I think I should get it purely baecause I have a love for the game

  • YuN9 5E5

    I want a Killzone 3 beta key because Killzone 2 is still my favorite FPS to this day & I was really exited when I found out about Killzone 3 especially when I heard about the beta & i’d really appreciate it if you guys give me a code. Thanks

  • Brad Butterworth

    please i NEED this beta send me a beta invite please

  • Bradley Butterworth

    beta invite thx

  • Brian Butterworth

    i want my brother to have this beta

  • Brett Pecker

    beta invite thanks

  • Brett Smith


  • SettervallBR

    Killzone Beta 3 player deserves to have a height. Killzone 3 Beta merece ter um jogador a altura. (H)

  • JOHN Victor

    come on i really want this pretty please beta invite

  • PS3 fan

    Killzone 3 beta = orgasmic

  • Xbox sucks!

    i would love to have this beta invite

  • Mike Markley

    invite meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Mikey k

    killzone 3 would be awesome

  • josh m

    ps3 ftw

  • Bob s

    killzone you got what i neeeeeeeeeeed!

  • i need this


  • killzone 3

    its over 900000000 invites

  • Brent hains

    invite me?

  • KC

    killzone 3 please

  • Taylor Janson

    hmmm invite would be amazing

  • mike p

    killzone or ill kill myself

  • hayden m

    ………..me want killzone….

  • ic weiner

    haha i would laugh if i won

  • mike hawk


  • keith m

    nooooo i got in nooooo this is gay were is the code..

  • larry h

    killzone 3 i want that

  • yes man

    hey invite ya your gay if your not

  • lauren

    killzone 3 is masturbation material

  • reid g

    sigh i didnt get invited

  • Konde10

    I would enjoy my Killzone 3 beta code because I love my PS3, and I love kill some friends!! 😉

  • jewish fag

    killzone 3 ftw

  • joe b

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im blinded by the light and killzones graphics

  • joe b

    i want killzone thx

  • hobo

    invite me pease

  • kil3

    please invite me

  • Tiago

    I have over +450 hours in Killzone 2 multiplayer, I really want provide feedback from Killzone 3 beta. Thanks!!!

  • mark

    My girlfriend said if I’m won’t get a KZ3 beta code I’m not getting any until the game gets released!!!!! Until 22nd of February 2011!! That’s next year! I need the pass urgently if not I’m gonna explode!!!!

  • please invite me

    killzone 3 beta is going to be sick

  • Pedro227

    I want to get in as much as the next person but, if you like chicken nuggets and headshots as much as I do . then send me a code and I will eat nuggets and enjoy the beta. :p

  • PetDreher

    Ps3+HD graphics+Intense storyline and multiplayer+KZ3 beta code=Priceless

  • timmmyma

    invite me lol im crying if you dont

  • vc

    Loved killzone 2, can’t wait for killzone 3.

  • zac h

    ummmm thats the taste of killzone3

  • Keith

    I would love to be in the beta because I’ve been a Killzone fan since the beginning on PS2, and still have the first game. I played the $hit out of KZ2 and still play it from time to time. It’s a one of a kind game and I’ll never get rid of it. That’s why I want to be part of the beta; to help GG make KZ3 game of the century and show COD, MOH, and all the other FPS games out there how it’s done.

  • Vince h

    well killzone would be a happy day

  • dennis g

    i want thsi beta i want my ps3 to be fucked by this game

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