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Killzone 3 Beta Codes Giveaway

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Currently there are over 40 million PlayStation 3s scattered around the world and yet, only 20,000 or so beta codes for Killzone 3 have seen the light of day. That makes your overall odds of receiving one pretty slim, doesn’t it? Thankfully, with PlayStation University, you can vastly improve those odds today as we have a good chunk of codes to give away.

In case you’re curious as to what you’re missing right now — feel free to checkout all of these new Killzone 3 beta videos and screenshots.

In order to get you into the beta as fast as possible, we’ve decided to run this giveaway until 12 AM tonight, PST. So, this will last for roughly 14 hours and then the codes will be given out to those who entered and won. As always, entering one of our code giveaways is simple and easy to the point where any gamer can do it!

Simply fill out the comment section below while utilizing a valid email address and leave a comment letting us know why you want a Killzone 3 Beta code. At the end of the day, we’ll choose our winners and send out Beta Codes via email by 2 AM PST. That means, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, you’ll be ready to start downloading!

Good luck and enter below!

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Comments (948)

  • aaron_216

    to my post above, i forgot to add my amail address (not sure if you need it or not)

    it is: aaron_b216@hotmail.com

    i hope you make the right decision πŸ˜€

  • Craig

    Killzone 3 is a Sony exclusive. This game has the possiblity to bring more people over to the Sony side instead of that wretched Microsoft side. Halo is a big game for Xbox and a lot of people just play it for that. I want PS3 to be just as popular as Xbox is. This new Killzone has the potential to do it! I have gone to MLG events for Halo on xbox and I always find it dissapointing to not see a first person shooter for PS3 at the events. I have played video games all my life and I could be a valuable member of the beta to send emails to the Killzone team and help them fix anything that i might find wrong in the beta. I love Sony and I want this Killzone game to completely blow away the competition.

  • whitey

    i want the beta code, because i’ve got diarrhea, can’t go to work or outside and i’m bored. thanks.

  • Hatsuma

    I’ve been anticipating this sequel for quite some time, and real excited about have the chance to participate in beta. I still play killzone 2, inching ever closer to max rank, and the game still possibly one of my favorite shooters of this generation. I think that being granted the beta, a fan can give some quality feedback that would hopefully contribute to the game’s excellence. Please consider me for one of the beta codes and thanx for the read. gerarddunn22@yahoo.com


    Bought a PS3 for Killzone 2, came away disappointed. Here I am again getting Killzoned, but hopefully I’ll be able to actually enjoy it this time around.

  • William g

    i want the beta so i can play with my friends that already got in the beta.

  • Insomniac
  • Enfilade

    Because killzone is one of the most polished games in the history of the fps genre.

  • The Dean

    Alright guys, 14 minutes ahead of schedule, but I was getting tired here. I emailed out 25 codes that we had on hand to the lucky, random winners πŸ˜‰ Enjoy them and try to come back and leave your impressions of the game here!

  • Killzone fanatic

    I thought u guys said 20k codes??? Wat gives only 25?? Damn well I guess I won’t be getting a code

  • evilgambit

    Waiting for a chance to play the beta of Killzone 3.

  • John Doe

    25 codes? Well, i only need one….

  • Draker3

    All 25 codes are emailed out already?…

  • reve40

    It’s not about how many foes you kill, it’s about how you kill many foes !

  • sherman

    As a french I really need a trainning for the strikes, Hellgasts looks like french policemen I think this beta coulb be really usefull to me
    Thanks !!

  • Abdu

    worth a try? please?


    J’aime beaucoup la serie killzone, the best fps, alors si vous voulez bien me donner une beta code please, vous serez vraiment gentil. thank you

  • death187666

    omg please tell me im not to late. i left one when you add just hit n4g but i didn’t know we had to leave the email in the comment. jeffperkins1983@gmail.com

  • FluffyNuggets

    I want a beta code because I want to see if they improved the game enough to buy it. Killzone 2 was fun but it had a lot of problems that prevented it from being great!

  • kyori

    Hi, i would like to be in the beta of Killzone3 because, i have be the chance to play the beta of KZ2 and i’m really really want to kill Hellgastsssssssssss !!!!
    This is the best FPS all consoles !!!!

  • SpacKuL

    All I play is FPS games. Killzone 2 is currently among one of my favorites. I still play it & purchased all the map packs. Killzone 3 looks incredible & it looks like Guerilla really stepped it up for Killzone 3 & made a lot of improvements.

    I’m most excited for the Jetpack. I love the Jetpack in Halo Reach & I know I will love the Jetpack in Killzone 3. Can’t wait to play the game & thanks for giving me a chance to win a code.

    -God Bless-

  • wooitschris

    oh and my email is: wooitschris@gmail.com

  • death187666

    please please

  • Athan


  • Anant

    I want this beta cause i have no life and will die of boredom surely ….

    (a bit too sadistic aint it ?)

  • Adamivabr

    So I am (top 1000)…. Over 350 online playing and so on…

    Plz man, give me a beta could, i’m starving for that!!!! Almost going insane!!!


  • Rico

    Come on guys…. I’m begging you all…. we kill for food, will kill for beta codes… I cannot stay out of this promotion otherwise, who would have killed Radec for you? Who? Who would have opened the way, so we could have Killzone 3? Who ???

    So that’s it… opened the door for me (giving beta codes) and i will be kicking some helghasts for you!

  • LickMyMuff

    I want a code because i want peope to LickMyMuff :)

  • Aadithreya

    You better give me a kz3 beta code or I will be waiting for you under your bed.
    And oh no,I am not going to kill you………….think about it

  • LifeBound

    I forgot to put my email too xlement@live.com

  • amit

    please give me the code i want to play killzone 3. A very died hard fan..thanks

    wanna play with my buddies who have the code

  • helghastt

    killzone 3 beta code
    email : fullmetalbrother@hotmail.fr

  • Maximus

    Jumping in quite late but here’s hoping for a code.


  • darkness1471

    i really want the beta i would apprecite if u give me a code so please pick me

  • Psyvexx

    Hey guys, i have been looking up your site everyday for almost a year now and i still am. I am Canadian, french Canadian. So we are very far neighbors but allies as well. I think i derserve a killzone 3 code. Thank you

  • TraumaticTighearnan

    Entering a wee bit late, but I’ll give it a shot xD
    Thanks =]

  • TraumaticTighearnan

    Oh, wait, nevermind xD

  • F

    It is quite rare but I have lots of time to test the hell out of Killzone 3 right now. Hook me up.

  • Gamer95

    Killzone 2 was one of my favorite games, and it was the reason I bought a PS3 in the first place. So I would love it if I got access to the KZ3 beta.

  • stevie

    cus i want an fps other than cod

  • Snakes007

    I’m not a FPS fan but Killzone 2 change my opinion abaout this kind of game. The dark and apocalyptic world hangs me. More than the gameplay. Helghasts seems to be any rights to go out of darkness! Later i bought killzone on ps2 and now I’m waiting for the third one. Please allow me to discover this new adventure.

  • arakouftaian

    I,m a huge Killzone fan and I can’t belive I’m not in this beta please this means a lot for me, I’m glad I login today in this webpage please you guys will make a guy really happy this is a big thing for me.
    My email akouftaian@yahoo.com
    Thanks for your time…

  • sephirot92

    please give me a beta key!!

    mail: visa92victor@gmail.com

  • sephirot92

    My reasons LOL
    i hate de FPS, but Killzone 1 and 2 are awesome, simply are the best games ever made, the story, the helghast , all is perfect, i’m die for play Killzone 3, think there are the Best Game oh the history … Please give me a chance to play it :(

    mail: visa92victor@gmail.com

  • Msharingan

    Hi. I’m would greatly appreciate a code. It wouldn’t be the end of the word of course if I don’t get one, the game looks great and there is very little that will change my opinion of it. Being part of this beta, I could hopefully see the game, expect whats to come and comment on glitches/bugs I might encounter.

    I assume that by add a valid email address, you simply meant in the box above, but in any case my email address is msharingan@hotmail.co.uk

  • Ferandil

    I so want to be back in the Killzone universe, and it’s beautiful cold violence.

  • Jidery

    Thanks for the code guys! I really appreciate it, and you just gained a regular viewer! I will be sure to be much more active in the comments and your articles =).

  • Alexander

    Forgot to tell you my email : sharingan_nightmare@yahoo.com

  • Seawolf

    Is this give away is still going on? Would love a Killzone 3 beta code!! πŸ˜€

  • Leroy Jenson

    I dont know what to say besides that i would love to have a beta code. Thanks for not giving one away at a time like IGN. That sucked trying to beat 16 or so thousand other people for one code. My Email is JBoozer1969@aol.com

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