Killzone 3 Beta site goes live

With Killzone 2 officially in the books, Guerrilla Games immediately started work on the sequel, Killzone 3. Guerrilla has spent the first half of 2010 showcasing Killzone 3 at every opportunity from the mention of redesigned control to the implementation of a jet-pack device similar to that of KZ: Liberation on PSP.

However, this past weekend, Killzone 3’s online beta sign ups has officially gone live. In order to sign up for it, just click here and input your information. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be included!

Readers Comments (7)

  1. Wait, why doesn’t it work? Omg now I’m afraid it’s a hacker trick.

  2. Are you sure it is official?

  3. Nvm.

  4. It keeps bringing me back to the same page.

  5. I think the site is incomplete at the moment

  6. i probably wont get into it anyway lol

  7. Is this site official?

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