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Only if i had a beta codeee :D …

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Comment posted Killzone 3 multiplayer beta footage + screens by 50437.

only if i had a beta codeee πŸ˜€

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    i have gone in to several betas and i can make successfull stresss tests .. i am fre so can participate majority of the time and also i know the drill so sohelv.00@hotmail.co.uk / psn : shoxor is the man to call πŸ˜€
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    i chose this because it represents LittleBigPlanet which i love for its creation , and represents Track Mania which i lived on the PC with mates, knt w8 for mario karts too (oh yh LBP+ track mania / mario karts = AAA GENiusssss MM small kompany MiLLionDOLLAR ideas …. )
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  • Doominator99

    Iooks way better than two. Cant wait to play it!

  • ARC-1300

    beatiful, as if i wasnt already psyched for this game, and dang. one of the multiplayer vids have been removed

  • 50437

    only if i had a beta codeee πŸ˜€

  • rodrigo

    because I want kz3 beta??

    He is the best game in the worldddddddddd πŸ˜›

  • snake-eye

    waiting for beta code,killzone rules!!!!!!!

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