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Killzone 3 scheduled for 2011 release

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Just in case you were wondering as to when Killzone 3 will release, you won’t be seeing the game this year. Killzone 3, formally announced by Sony and Guerilla Games today, will launch with full¬†stereoscopic¬†3D support.

The question is what percentage of PS3 gamers will actually own a 3D-capable TV when the game launches? Not many will own one this year, and probably not that many next year. However, at least us 2D gamers will have a “properly f***ing nuts” game to look forward to despite our lacking tech.

Killzone 3 is set to release for the PlayStation 3 in 2011, as revealed by Guerilla Games’ managing director, Hermen Hulst, at the game’s press unveiling in Amsterdam.

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Comments (10)

  • TRF

    I’m actually somewhat excited for this game despite my not liking Killzone 2.

  • gustave154

    awwww i am kinda dissapointed not being able to play it this year =(
    i hope theres a beta like halo : reach or something. that will be MEGA awesome xD

  • mprashanth911

    Sheeesh,i am totally looking forward to killzone3,though i would be disappointed when i own it cos i can never own a 3d tv,a 1.4hdmi cable and a shutter glasses,too expensive for a technology that had existed years back!

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  • Reigen

    im a huge tech sabby
    im already planing on geting one of those 3d tvs

  • Doominator99

    this year we have resistance 3 next year we have killzone 3, im happy yay!

  • Moocows111111

    Good then I can get a breather from all of the surges of extremely great games that came or will be coming out this year.

  • Dreamer_Lion

    March 2010 FTW!

  • Dreamer_Lion

    Agh, the damned thing entered itself before I could correct my comment.

    I meant, march 2011 FTW!. At least we’ll have an awesome year before the world ends it 2012 =)

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