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First Killzone 3 teaser trailer – more soon

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The first Killzone 3 trailer has been released, demonstrating the game’s new brutal melee combat in a dark and stylised fashion.

The trailer features CG footage, but makes use of the game’s actual animations. These are the melee kills you’ll be performing from a first-person perspective. Impressive huh? We just can’t wait to see them in-game. That’s an opportunity we’ll get next week on 11 June, when the first Killzone 3 gameplay trailer will be released. That’s what we’re waiting for.

That’s not to say this teaser trailer isn’t good. It’s good at teasing, that’s for sure. You can now visit the official Killzone 3 website and find the game’s screenshot gallery here.

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Comments (12)

  • Dreamer_Lion

    Hehe, looking forward to that gameplay trailer.

    So, who is excited about the new features killzone 3 is bringing in? (At least from what we already know).

    My wishlist only has 1 thing: To finally have a “Free for all” kind of deathmatch.

  • TRF

    Looking pretty sweet.

  • Hero

    Was that Sev at the end or someone else? Can’t wait for this beast of a game.

  • Dreamer_Lion


    That is definitively Sev.

  • hihtek

    haha. he has on a helghast helmet with isa clothes

  • megatopak

    so we get to be like spies now? dressed up as helgahst? WOOT!!

  • VofEscaflowne

    I hate teaser trailers… it shows absolutely no gameplay footage, what matters the most when, you know, playing a game. Same when they only show cutscenes to try and sell a game. Oh well, it works for most people but I still find it annoying :p Still interested to see this one in motion and if it’ll play any differently.

  • jubjub5721

    WOO! I hope the Helghast win!! YEAH!

  • Doominator99

    I heard that they are going to have a game mode similar to rush on battlefield bad company where you have to fight your way up the map!

  • Dreamer_Lion


    I think that is the only way to make vehicles work (Assuming that’s the way ther are going). The only other option i can think of is to make the game modes ala Warhawk, so the vehicles don’t brake the current setup..

    Actually there is a third option, which is the way Halo does it . I never really liked it, because vehicles do not help that much and Halo’s maps aren’t symmetrical so driving and stuff feels akward.

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