Kinect’s failings, or why we need 1:1 motion

Motion controls will be making their way to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year. Actually it’s just a few months away until we’ll have either PlayStation Move or Kinect in our living rooms. Both have very different tactics for motion gaming – Move uses both a camera and controllers, whereas Kinect is controller free. Microsoft’s technology promises to be a big step up from the PS2’s EyeToy, but the following videos might convince you otherwise.

You see, Kinect appears to have quite a few teething problems. Of course, the software is still in development, so we’d hope much of this could be fixed by launch. The first video shows Kinect’s sporting abilities, with two attractive female models.

It’s not doing too well is it. Flash photography and the models not quite standing in the right position –  could both be possible problems. But in the end, these kind of issues will likely be common with a controller-less system like Kinect’s. Hell, I remember furiously tapping on the floor for my EyePet to dig a hole – he wouldn’t get it – at all. Perseverance prevailed of course, but it didn’t stop me from wanting to kill the little blighter.

Here’s another video, which is now far away from the cameras, with the player standing in the correct position. The biggest failing starts at 4.45 minutes. Again, the software is still in development, but the arrival of the song ‘Move it’ (PlayStation Move’s E3 theme tune) when Kinect is failing so badly, is just a tad amusing.

What both videos show is that even though Kinect sounds cool in theory – the actual games themselves don’t look very compelling, and the technology will likely have difficulties for all players. Which is something Move shouldn’t have – it’s one-to-one movement, and if the software’s good, it could be a very satisfying experience. Whether it’s an experience you’ll actually want to have is another matter.

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  1. theyre actually chinese 😀

  2. I like Kinect. It teaches you the value of patience as you wait for your character to do an action way after you command him to, and it also teaches you timing: do something a second before you know you’re supposed to do it.

    I think Kinect is great for that sort of stuff. Move just hands you stuff on a silver platter. It’s way too easy.

  3. i can picture MLD and his buddies spinning around and tickeling baby cheetahs.

  4. @TRF:

    The wii is the one that serves you everything on a silver platter. Move actually requires you to improve your skills (see the e3 tiger woods demo).

  5. not like psmove. i have wii,but i will buy kinect. really.

  6. Technically, it’s a brilliant product, but they have not shown many ways in which it can be used in their promised ground-breaking terms, or even successfully.

    They will get fanboys and a couple of casuals getting these games, but a HD Wii is something that I can really get into… For us one-console guys, HD Wii ports are a yes please :3.

  7. LOL that must have been embarrassing…

  8. I’d say both problems in the Videos are caused by distance. That guy is big and his hands are most likely going too high up. At least Kinect sports attempted to tell the users to move.

    No doubt the Xbox guys have seen both videos and have probably realised
    A) Have a calibration tool that shows the users avatar as the Kinect Device sees them at the begining of the game.
    B) Don’t start the game until the users are in the correct position and show them a visual guide.

    The Xbox guys are clever they spent the money saved on Testing on Marketing that recruits Testers for free.

  9. And this is why Xbox will never be better. Copy Cats never get the tech right or they go over board. Yeah kinect is cool but think, your body is the controller right. Sound nice But Bill your not thinking about everybody what about people in wheelchairs. :-/ But a at least Xbox have the graphics… well after Heavy Rain I think you lost that too.

  10. Kinect can achieve 1:1 tracking – Dance Central dev

  11. wow, the 360 avatars move like they hawe brocken body parts, its cinda scary
    the brocken avatars would make good zombies for the next left 4 dead

  12. u guys must be asian to believe this is gonna be good. all the games they showed at E3 were shit, i dont want a pretend pet tiger, i dont want to play racket ball with myself & i dont want to play dance dance revolution. kinect is garbage
    @TRF you shouldnt have to be patient to play a video game, go outside and do something go fish or something. defeats the purpose.

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