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Kratos fights his way unattested to top of UK sales chart

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God of War III released in the United Kingdom with great success for the franchise as it quickly became the fastest selling installment in the series. This is despite the fact that the PlayStation 3’s install base is only a fraction of what the PlayStation 2’s install base was upon release of the original two.

Compared to its predecessor, God of War III sold at a ratio of 2.61:1 better than God of War II. That sales increase is phenomenal given the amounts of units available and has allowed Sony to double its 2009 total for top selling software titles in the UK for 2010. This is pretty funny considering we’re only three months in and still have yet to see releases of Gran Turismo, ModNation Racers (potential sleeper) and the Q4 lineup that has yet to be announced.

In case some of you are curious, Heavy Rain was the first Sony exclusive this year to top the charts. Let’s hope the success continues for Sony’s software division which often receives slack for a lack of sales.

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Comments (9)

  • Reigen

    o_O and sales are important because….?

  • RandomSteve

    because people who worked their asses off to make the game are getting what they deserve

  • TRF


  • scottspeed

    Wonder what the figures will be like? will it be better than mgs4, uncharted and gta?

  • Thorzilla

    Hell yeah. GOW III will be a system seller too.

  • Moocows111111

    “o_O and sales are important becauseā€¦.?”

    Its for the long run XD Ps2 made Sony Millions! Now they present us a reliable and powerful console called the Ps3. Now next Generation, Nintendo will come out with a console that will surpass its competitors, given that they need BluRay from now on (Sony Owns BluRay XD) to further increase game mechanics like how God of War 3 did.

  • Dr. Moogle


    the PS3 is looking good thus far…im seeing a very bright future for the PS3!

  • ImLastBoss

    Good sales means more money for developers, and more chances of triple aaa exclusives dropping on PS3. It’s going to be another fantastic year for PS3, and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

  • Clesstan

    more sales ensures your next game for that developer which is essentially what gamers want =D

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