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Latest Sam & Max coming to PlayStation 3, not Xbox 360 [UPDATE]

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Telltale is finally developing for the PlayStation 3, bringing Sam & Max to the console this April with the episodic The Devil’s Playhouse.

This latest series will be coming to the PC and Mac, and though the series has seen a number of appearances on the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s console is not mentioned in this series’ release. The game’s press release reads:

“This series will be Telltale’s first for the PlayStation Network, exclusively for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. The games will also release on PC and Macintosh.”

The Devil’s Playhouse is said to comprise of five episodes, with the first being titled The Penal Zone – it’ll be released next month, according to Eurogamer.

Released over the PlayStation Network, pre-orders will be taken from the 18th of March, with the total package costing only $29.99 (the individual total price costs $34.99). Rob Dyer, senior vice president of publisher relations at SCEA comments:

“With Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, we’re bringing PlayStation fans five months of exciting episodic content and continuing our commitment to deliver exclusive, innovative gaming experiences to the PlayStation Network. The unhinged humor, unforgettable cast and irreverent undertone of this enduring franchise are aspects we expect will resonate with our audience, and both Telltale and SCEA can’t wait to deliver.”

Telltale calls The Devil’s Playhouse its “biggest, strangest and most epic” Sam & Max series to date, with Max taking part in teleporting and shape shifting during the episodes. The plot will begin as follows:

“As Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse opens, Max has been bestowed with a set of powerful psychic abilities from an unusual ancient source that he’ll wield against the strongest and strangest foes the Freelance Police have ever faced. Join gaming’s greatest dog and rabbit sleuths as they investigate the source of these powers, with manic Max exercising new and amazing abilities with each episode. Max’s shape shifting, teleportation, mind reading and future sight powers prove particularly useful as intergalactic simians, eldritch gods, under-dwellers and an arcane scholar ruthlessly hunt down these powers for their own evil ends.”

The PC has been Telltale Games traditional platform, but both the Wii and Xbox 360 has seen a significant output from the episodic developer. The Devil’s Playhouse will be the developer’s first output for Sony’s console. We personally believe that this is a timed console exclusivity period with the series meeting the Xbox 360 and possibly the Nintendo Wii at a later date.

[UPDATE] – We’ve embedded the first trailer for The Devil’s Playhouse below:

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Comments (16)

  • BlinkyEC

    Never heard of them but I have a feeling they’re point and click games .

  • Patrick Steen

    Never heard of them!? Ever heard of Sam & Max? Monkey Island?

  • BlinkyEC

    I know Monkey Island .

  • xero135

    i havent heard of them either

  • USO36

    no clue who they are

  • Thorzilla

    Nice. Never played the game, but heard of Monkey Island.

  • XDylAnime

    Sam and Max Hit the Road; one of my favorite games on the computer ever!!

  • TRF

    The newer Sam & Max games were good, not great. Hopefully they can restore it to its former glory. The game always had this witty sense of humor that I loved.

  • aaaaa

    The only prob with this is that is is going to suck on the ps3’s controller :(

  • Dr. Moogle

    oh sam and max…..i didnt like the series….and i dont particularly care for it

  • Candyman

    Not being funny but in my 20 years as a gamer ive no feckin idea who these clowns are?

  • Patrick Steen

    Telltale games recently made an entrance in Monkey Island – this was a Lucas Arts series. The company has been producing Wallace and Gromit games also – on the PC and Wii. They create adventure games and are much loved on the PC.

  • WonsAuto

    Gotta say, I’m pretty shocked at how many commenters here say they’ve never heard of Sam & Max. Though I’ve also gotta say, I’m not too big on point-and-click adventures. The writing’s usually great, but the core gameplay bores me.

  • Dr. Moogle

    @wonsauto: agreed, i thought sam and max were pretty well known…..these damn kids! 😀

    and uhh the trailer looks like the other games of the series…i dont think itll reel me in

  • AxCrege

    hmmm looks awesome
    looking forward to trying it out

  • scottspeed

    I havnt heard of this game either but looks fun like rachet and clank. Not sure whether i have enough money to buy this however as they are many other games coming out at the moment

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