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Latest scans shine new light on Fallout: New Vegas

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PCGames magazine has released new information in regards to Fallout: New Vegas. In these latest scans, you can grab a glimpse of several new details such as guns, environments and even characters. I’d make an attempt at translating all of the information, but let’s be honest, I only speak English and French. So, any translation I try will probably more to do with Olympic hockey than Fallout: New Vegas.

I’ve included a couple of the scans below, but feel free to click to our full gallery in order to check out all of them.

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Comments (18)

  • One-Shot

    Looking very fallout 3ish which is great. I am sure it will keep me as addicted as before.

  • TRF

    I have a feeling this game is going to be exactly like Fallout 3 with some new additions, which is fantastic. All that needs to be added is a faction or two, and it’ll be perfect.

  • gta_manic

    it’s like fallout 3 but with mods and a new map. i just hope it’s more stable then then the last one

  • Blackou7

    Nice, I was a bit worried it would change dramatically from Fallout 3.

  • taus90

    is it a whole new game or just a chapter like HALO:odst? it looks like chapter to me

  • scottspeed

    If its anything like fallout 3 then its a must buy for me. Hopefully it will be bigger and better with less bugs.

  • Dr. Moogle

    oh wow fallout 3 is getting more DLC? nice

  • TekaTaku

    I’m disappointed. I though this was gonna be a full blown game and not an expansion.

  • Moocows111111

    “is it a whole new game or just a chapter like HALO:odst? it looks like chapter to me”

    its going to be like a Halo ODST but actually with new features, enemies unlike ODST where the Jumping extremely High was taken out XD

    Also Dr.Moogle I don’t think this is DLC its supposed to be another game or expansion, or so I heard.

  • SonyJunkie

    Look like Fallout 3 but that is going to be obvious but since this one has more building and shit, I think it could be 10x better and they can fix all the problems they had with the 3rd one.

  • Moocows111111

    “they can fix all the problems they had with the 3rd one.”

    Even with those problems, the game Fallout 3 was just awesome though XD And New Vegas would probably overshadow any problem it has. =p

  • coolsalajr

    Ohhhhh yeaaaaa

  • daevv

    I’ll be first in line for this!

  • StarSpeed

    The new Fallout: New Vegas game looks really good. Its continues on the great Fallout series.

  • SonyJunkie


    It was still an awesome game but it had its problems. The shooting mechanics were not very good, and some other stuff. So I am hoping that this one will nail it and be what Oblivion was to Imperial time RPG’s.

  • StarSpeed


    The game Fallout 3 did have problem such as the map being too big and you were usually wandering a lot in the game, but it is still a good game.

  • tito_loc

    i hope they dont have a horible ending like fallout 3, i got so pissed at the end of fall out 3 when u couldnt go back and free roam, wtf. then u had to buy a retarded dlc to free roam what a load of (u know the rest lol)

  • StarSpeed


    I think the new Fallout: New Vegas will allow free roaming because it is a big part of the Fallout game series. The new Fallout: New Vegas should be much better than Fallout 3 and they will improve the game on many different area such as weapons, maps, and gameplay.

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