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Lost Files: PlayStation 3 RPG Ascendant (Screens+Trailers)

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Sometimes games seem to get lost in the fray that people may forget about or never even heard of. Ascendant is one of these titles. Developed by Big Huge Games, this roleplaying game is supposedly Ken Rolston’s masterpiece, however after THQ hit financial trouble in the past, the studio was sold off to 38 Studios. Ever since that move, it hasn’t been clear if the title is still in development or if the game has been canned and forgotten about, never to be spoken of again — until now.

We’ve scoured the net and found 83 screenshots for the title and 3 videos. We’ve included a couple of screenshots below, but you can check them all out here and the video trailers here as well.

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  • Dave-The-Rave


  • peter

    …and the icon for opening the gate at the end of the video shows a xbox 360 button…

  • Talyis

    WOW Playstation University you friggin suck this id a 360 games ass holes!

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