Golden month? are you serious? you know i fink ill …


Comment posted March 2011 – The Golden Month of Gaming; Move Over Drake by Reigen.

golden month?
are you serious?

you know i fink ill rather just wait for drake and the cimeras

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    i know Goldeneye 007 gets a lot of love and is viewed as a gem from the old days
    but for some reason i hated it
    it was a shitty unresponsive game when i played it
  • 10 Most Badass Weapons in Gaming
    the most fun weapon i’ve ever came across is the V-7 Splicer
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    as for multplayer, i dont play it that much or at all
    i diden’t want my uncharted 2 to have multplayer, in the days before the release i feared that the singleplayer would be given less developer attention, but that was not the case
    and after seing the gow ascetion multplayer i’ve changed my mind and am convinced its gonna make the game better
  • The Homeroom Podcast – Episode 6: Too Much of a Good Thing? When Devs Go too Far
    i got burned by gta4 so i am way more careful of the games i buy
    but i do have friends that buy fifa just because its fifa, and they told me that realize its nothig new but everyone else has it, so they buy it regardless

    if i could have a game released tomorrow, id want it to be shadow of the colossus 2, or a spiritual seqel/prequel to the game

  • How Sony Can Improve the PSN Store
    yea, i hate the new store search sistem
    i also hate how the new ps plus page is a mess, so it only shows the new games in the window, but only after you go to new arivals cuz the main page is a crapy add

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  1. victorgodamnsullivan February 12, 2011 @ 18:33

    Resistance is scheduled for September 6th, not November. Don’t know why I deemed that necessary information but I did lol.

  2. victorgodamnsullivan February 12, 2011 @ 18:37

    The only game I am getting in March will be Pokemon because I will be so busy with Killzone 3 and LBP2 multiplayer. And Pokemon has been close to my heart for many years. That Dragon Quest and Fire Emblem are the only reasons I even bought a DSi.

  3. victorgodamnsullivan February 12, 2011 @ 18:40

    O and Drake alone makes November a much better month than March IMO. But yeah it is definately a good month overall with plenty of genres represented.

  4. golden month?
    are you serious?

    you know i fink ill rather just wait for drake and the cimeras

  5. March is looking great. I myself might pick up Homefront and/or Dragon Age II.

  6. Golden month my a$$…

  7. yeah no thanks. im getting drake resistance and as for march. too soon. as in to soon after the release of killzone 3 :p why do you think all the other titles released in november? to stay the hell away from kz3 thats why

  8. Good month, but in terms of sheer game quality it doesn’t beat November. Hell, if Skyrim was the only game that month then it would still be the greatest month ever for me 😀

  9. Killzone 3 will be totally awesome. I will be playing this game till the cows comes home! It will the the best FPS ever

  10. Homefront has tweeked my interest lately but I play to many shooters now.

  11. Honestly, apart from Dragon Age 2 and Pokemon Black/White March is looking kinda crappy. Crysis 2 will be an overhyped mess with mediocre graphics just like the first one, i’ve seen the PC version of Crysis 2 in action on max settings and it doesn’t look half as good as Killzone 3 nevermind how good Uncharted 3 will look. Golf and Baseball suck so I’m not bothered about those games and Shift 2 is just another cheap smash and grab from EA, releasing about a million different NFS games every year but giving each of them slightly different names in the hope that nobody will notice they’re actually buying the exact same game over and over again.

  12. Tom Ato is a master troll, lol

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