Mass Effect 3 UK pre-order content revealed

EA and BioWare have revealed which in-game items will be available to those pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 in the UK.

Participating retailers will be offering the M55 Argus Assault Rifle.

“Deadly at any range, the Argus boasts quick burst-fire to ensure ammo conservation and maximum accuracy on the battlefield,” says EA.

On top of that, GAME has an exclusive pre-order incentive in the form of N7 Warfare Gear. The following is included:

  • N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifle – Deliver two rounds per shot with deadly accuracy and stop the opposition dead in their tracks with superior high caliber rounds.
  • N7 Defender Armor – Improved shields and health, players can survive even the most punishing of battles and withstand sustained enemy fire. The N7 Defender Armor also offers increased ammo capacity and amplified weapon damage.

According to BioWare, those who pre-ordered before this announcement will not have to order again in order to pick up the additional content. Existing orders will instead “rollover and you will be automatically granted the items.”

Unfortunately, EA is offering the AT-12 Raider Shotgun to those grabbing the game on the publisher’s Origin PC platform only.

Mass Effect 3 hits PS3, as well as Xbox 360 and PC on March 6 in North America, and March 9 across Europe.