Max Payne 3’s arcade modes detailed

Rockstar Games is implementing two distinct arcade modes into their upcoming Max Payne 3 — the classic  New York Minute makes a return, joined by the all-new Score Attack. These modes will allow gamers to achieve and attempt to top their own high scores in Max Payne 3‘s single player experience. These modes will also give you access to unique multiplayer Deathmatch avatars and XP benefits.

New York Minute returns from the previous Max Payne to pit you against the clock. You start one minute on the ticker, but you gain more time for each scumbag you put down.

Score Attack allows you to replay any level you have already completed to try and obtain the highest possible score, gaining points for each bullet you put in someone and each thug you kill.

In both modes, the destruction of the environment can be used to your advantage. Your surroundings can aid in dealing more damage for higher scores in Score Attack, or for earning you more time in New York Minute.

Have you heard that Max Payne 3 is out this Tuesday, May 15th? I think we’ve mentioned that a couple times by now.

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  1. GamingHobbyist May 14, 2012 @ 12:29

    It is coming tomorrow but I’m still not sold on it. I trust Rockstar however I don’t want to dive into a franchise I know nothing about. I’m playing the original since it went onto the PSN however it appears nothing like this one in terms of tone.

    I’m sure it will do really well and if my friends get it I’ll most likely end up getting it to play with them. I’m more interested in GTAV which I doubt will be coming this year.

    • I recently replayed both MP1&2 to get me ready for MP3, and while they’re still a lot of fun they’re definitely products of their time. What I played of MP3 at PAX East left me hopeful, as does the flood of positive reviews that came out for it today.

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