Microsoft Exec: PlayStation Move is Sony’s HD-DVD

D’oh – this just a lovely bit of bad PR. According to Microsoft’s Xbox exec for the Netherlands, Sony’s motion control efforts are about as sincere as Microsoft’s little foray into HD-DVD. Sony doesn’t care about PlayStation Move according to the Microsoft exec (oh, and ex-Sony PlayStation manager by the way).

Microsoft’s Paul Naber told Dutch site Bashers (via Spong):

“I’m convinced that Move for Sony is, what we call, fudding. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. They don’t give a shit about Move, but it takes the wind out of Kinects sails, or it could.”

When asked if he thought this was the same as what Microsoft did with HD-DVD (ie. trying to take the wind out of Blu-ray’s sails) Naber replied:

“Voila! Exactly the same as we did with HDDVD and Blu-Ray. When people are unsure of a new technology, they won’t get on board. And that doesn’t bother them as far as Move is concerned, because they don’t care about it anyway. But if people get on board with Kinect and it’s a runaway success, then they’ll have Wii on one side, Kinect on the other and of course they will lose.

“Simple, I mean, I still think their response, last year, was ‘Oh sh*t, Microsoft is onto something, we have to pull something out of the cupboard quickly, let’s get developers up there with even stranger lollipops!’ But if you look at how far along they are, what kind of support they have and things like that… They’re launching in September with how many titles? I think it’s too vague for words.”

Well we already know how many titles are launching with PlayStation Move – 13, with 34 by the beginning of 2011. But Naber is convinced Sony is a ‘fudding’ company:

“Yes, I do worry about it because Sony is very — I’ve worked there for five years! I know what they do! Dropping the price even though there’s no stock, why? Because you know your competitor will stop selling. They are really good at that, at Fudding.

“The future will tell if Sony is serious about Move or that they really use as FUD. To date, the retailers in NL enormously to talk about our strategic approach Kinect around and they’re, like, surprised at the complete lack of any story whatsoever from Sony about Move. They have a folder containing five titles and a release date and thats (sic) it.”

By the way, everything Naber has said is out of personal conviction and not as the Netherland’s Xbox boss (yeah, it’s too late now Paul.)

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  1. It’s all Wii to me. Meaning I’m not touching either Move or Kinect.

  2. Wow, they really have some cojones to say that…i dont think that they are even sure about the Kinect success, they are freaking scared trying to take down the Move.

  3. I didn’t think Kinect had any wind behind it’s proverbial sails. Sony would be wasting their money to compete with something that wasn’t going to sell either way.

  4. Microsoft has no right to talk shit about Sony when Microsoft’s product is as shoddy as it is.

  5. Oh I love this. Lmao

  6. Yes and the 360 is still unreliable as it first launched.. MOVE on…

  7. When you’re pointing you’re finger at someone, you’ve got three pointing back at you.

  8. Yeah because people usually dump tons of money into shit they don’t care about…

  9. Lol. If Move is like HD-DVD, what is Kinect then? End of the World?

  10. hes an xbox exec, surely he cant be this uneducated about the moves development and upcoming titles
    hes just saying this to make the competition look badd
    infact this is wery popular at microsoft, instead of making their own products look good, they make the commpetition look badd

  11. Required: Name July 20, 2010 @ 08:09

    That guy is one arrogant motherf*cker. So unprofessional.

  12. Whutta Dickenson July 20, 2010 @ 16:14

    Dude is just talkin a whole lotta sheets. Everybody knows that Move got game, I don’t see Socom 4 (or any good shooters) on the Wii or Kinect. Sony needs to bring some Heavenly Sword/God of War chainblades into the Move. Or get some Ninja Gaiden with the shuriken stars and the swords and everything. Sony’s got the best tech for using weapons in game. Kinect is trying to barefist the Move while the Move’s got guns, swords, arrows, spears, brass knuckles, shields, grenades, racecars, pimp canes, etc…and the Wii is too busy babysitting kids and the elderly. Kinect can’t even pull a damn trigger. Sony, use WEAPONS to your advantage and start making some badass games. All the casual gamers can do whatever they want on the Wii, it’s time for some hardcore motion control gaming on the PS3.

  13. wha-whaaat? this guy can’t be serious.. =/ why don’t they just make their OWN product good instead of making the competition look bad?

  14. Kinect will be Microsoft’s HD-DVD fiasco mark two.

  15. I was like this O.O, then i lol’d

  16. its funny how the guy that is talking crap about sony is the guy that got fired by sony

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