Modern Warfare 3 makes $1 billion in 16 days


Regardless of how unsurprising this news is, a ridiculous number is a ridiculous number. Modern Warfare 3 has already hit the big 9 zeroes. And in just 16 days. With this news, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is officially the new entertainment property king, just beating James Cameron’s Avatar previous record of hitting the billion milestone in 17 days.

Additionally, Activision reported that the online service, Call of Duty: Elite, has over 6 million registered users, and 1/6 of them are premium accounts. The speed of growth on these platforms is significantly more progressive than even the most popular online services like Netflix and Xbox Live.

Now that the Modern Warfare series is considered a complete trilogy, maybe Activision can give us a space shooter? 360 no-scopes with a laser rifle and hoverboard knife tag please? (A new engine would be rad, too).

Source: Activision, GamesRadar