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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd announced for PSP

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Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the PSP, bringing the monsters of the Nintendo Wii exclusive to Sony’s handheld. The game was announced today at a Capcom press event in Japan.

Of course, this isn’t a direct port of the Wii game, which has yet to release in the States, with new moves and monsters making their way to the PSP. Sadly, the Wii’s water-based levels won’t make the jump, The Examiner reports.

We’ve included the game’s first trailer below, and though a release date has yet to be announced we know that the game will be a huge hit in Japan, just like Freedom Unite.

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Comments (13)

  • ReneidKlein


    Anyone who knows me should know I am all about the Monster Hunter. This game series is what made my name a tag on youtube. Man, I can’t wait to play this!!!

  • Jinkinator

    They’ll really do anything to avoid releasing Monster Hunter on the PS3, won’t they?

  • TRF

    I’ve yet to ever play a Monster Hunter game. Can we get one on the PS3?

  • BlinkyEC

    ^ no

  • Thorzilla

    Not exactly a big suprise but hell yeah!

  • WonsAuto

    Doesn’t everyone in Japan have 2 copies of every Monster Hunter game that’s ever come out?

  • Dr. Moogle

    oh wow, another MH


    never been a fan :\

    @wonsauto: i know right? same with DSs……i guess the japanese cant get enough of these…

  • Raven

    Man, I really wanted a Monster Hunter on the PS3…well at least I can cheat on the PSP version, but still…having a graphically nice PS3 version with good online multiplayer would be so awesome. Why don’t they make a PS3 version? The main reason why they would sell the game on PSP is because PSP and PSP game sales in Japan are doing well, but the PS3 is doing great worldwide and people are itching for more JRPG-type games on the PS3.

  • Dr. Moogle

    @Raven: hopefully if the PS3 starts to do better they will…i mean they made MH for the Wii……but oddly not for the DS (with such success, they should of at least made a crappy spin-off for the DS since it cant handle the epicness of MH)

  • Pfft

    HOLY SHI— another MH game! YEEESSS!!!


    no offense, but this game is just not my type…gameplay sucks in my opinion…and I totally agree with the score it got on Gamespot…..but really, if they’re gonna port it to a Sony console, at least port it to the PS3! To be honest, the camera in the game was the only problem for me(it’d be easier to slay monsters with a 2nd analog stick)
    just my opinion

  • Hozi

    Monster Hunter for PS3.
    Amazing Visuals
    Better Controls/Gameplay
    Bigger battles/multiplayer
    More Items/Weapons
    Bigger Monsters….

    Just say you’re gonna create it Capcom. C’mon. Either that or an Onimusha 5 for PS3.

  • scottspeed

    Monster Hunter for ps3 would be kwl, enjoyed the psp ones when i went round a mates and i would like a ps3 version

  • MonsterHunter

    This game rocks. Cant wait for the new new one!!

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