Moore believes physical media has a decade left

Those of you who aren’t quite ready for the digital world yet can rest easy knowing that EA Sports President, Peter Moore, feels that physical media is still a decade away from being a thing of the past. Speaking recently at UC Berkeley in California, Moore spoke at the PLAY conference and gave his thoughts about digital distribution and to what he is looking forward to in the future of consoles.

“[The industry is] at least a decade away from saying goodbye to a physical disc. The more important question is what does the next generation of console look like,” said Moore.

With companies already testing the digital download market with downloadable titles and Sony’s recent PSPgo, we’re sure each company is figuring out when the right time to release a download-only console will be.


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  1. well for portable devices physical media not the best thing
    but im praying that they wont make a leep towards digital distrobution for at least 25 years

  2. ya im not looking forward to download only consoles

  3. I like physical media, it makes me actually believe what I pay for. My internet isn’t very good either and some people rather not wait to download and wait to get a game when you can simply drive to the store and buy it and play it. Also PS3 games are very big, trying to download all of MGS4 is way way too big for digital media and imagine future games. Physical media ain’t going anywhere and as for portable devices I think it’s fine, like we’ve seen with the PSP Go.

  4. Coolio.
    By then I’ll be cool w/ the idea of DD.
    PS4/720 = Discs. (6 more years left.—Year: 2012-2018)
    PS5/1080 = DD. (10 years from now.—Year: 2020)
    I just hope that when games do go downloadable that they won’t cost an arm and leg.
    Just look how much Sony will charge for some retail PSP games on PSN. $30-$40 = Ouch!
    In the end I just hope these consoles have big enough hard drives to fit all of these games on and that the price is right.

  5. persoanlly i don’t want to see an end to psyical media. Maybe it’s stupid and comsumer fetishistic but i want to hold the dvd in my hand and see them on my shevles…. maybe thats juster

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