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MW2 Suicide Bomber Glitch Breaking the Game

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The suicide bomber glitch, otherwise known as the javelin glitch, has been plaguing Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. The glitch results in immediate martyrdom, frustrating many a gamer online.

The following Modern Warfare 2 glitch actually works with any launcher in the game, and doesn’t even require any ammo.

All you have to do is equip the javelin (or another launcher), hold down the grenade button and then hit the ‘switch weapon’ button. With the javelin now in your hands, you can let go of the grenade button.  You’re now a walking time bomb, but be careful you can only knife, sprint or jump; otherwise the process gets cancelled out.

With the javelin glitch mobilised, you can now blow yourself up within any group of enemies. You’ll even spontaneously combust when they kill you. Bad times.

From the video below, you’ll certainly see that this is an annoying glitch that’s not terribly fun for those who encounter it. So what is Infinity Ward doing about it?

According to the developer’s community manager, Robert Bowling, the team is aware of the glitch and they will fix it in the game’s first major update. Bowling responded on Twitter:

Already have the coder responsible for the javelin writing a fix that will be included in the first title update.

Have you encountered the javelin glitch?

[UPDATE] – Microsoft won’t be taking any nonsense on Xbox Live, threatening anyone who uses the javelin glitch to have their account temporarily suspended.

Stephen Toulouse, director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live, wrote on his Twitter account:

While IW works on getting the MW2 glitch fixed, people we catch using it will receive suspensions from LIVE. Play fair everyone.

For those asking, it’s not new that we issue suspensions for cheating/glitching, and we do it for more then just MW2.

Using a glitch in a game to get an advantage is explicitly called out in the Terms. It’s not like people are doing it by accident.

Expect your account suspension to last 24 hours for the first infraction, though Toulouse adds that “egregious cheating can be 2 weeks!”

As for PlayStation 3 gamers; Sony has made no such threats, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled some punches. Then again, they could be waiting for Infinity Ward’s imminent patch.

[UPDATE 2] – Sony has confirmed to ConnectedConsoles that they will not be suspending any PlayStation Network accounts if they perform the javelin glitch. Lets hope for a quick patch.

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Comments (36)

  • Simon

    Doesn’t exactly sound like a game breaking glitch. You’d get more kills just playing normally.

  • Patrick Steen

    Of course you would – but if any player can do this, and you can encounter this online, it can break the game for you. Hardly fair.

  • dub t

    Yeah, we wet against it last night, but the funny thing is we won 2 of the 3 games against the guys doing it. The problem is the guy was trading his one death for several of ours, because if you’re within 100 feet of the dude, you died.

  • TheRighteousFascist

    Funny glitch. Reminds me of when my friends and I would go into a match and suicide bomb people to piss ’em off (hold down the grenade button with a frag and run at enemy).

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  • Steve

    And you’re the type of moron that just pisses people off in general. What are you? 14 or something? Grow up you prick! Oh I forgot. Pissing people off is soooooooooo cool when your with your moron buddies isn’t it? Knobber!

  • PS360WII owner

    I’ve never encountered anyone doing this glitch. This is not breaking the game. What’s breaking the game is the “stat padders” or whatever you call them. Check the top players on the Kill barracks and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Seriously it’s so obvious that these top players are cheating. Game just came out few weeks ago and people already past the 100K mark kills with a ridiculously high K/D ratios. Those are the people that needs to get banned.

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  • PainT_ChipzZ

    Interesting that its a “Game breaking glitch” yet you explain it in detail so eeeeveryone can go out and use it to their advantage. 😉

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  • Patrick Steen

    The report forces IW to patch it more quickly :)

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  • Simon

    I heard people using it on XBOX were getting banned, in my opinion that is wrong. There is no one saying not to do it yet they ban you anyway. Would put me off ever paying for LIVE.

  • herbolicious

    try using this glitch on a map like Rust. You will win the match, I can promise you that.

  • Herbolicious

    No, not banned, their getting a suspension. 24 hours to a week. What are you ten years old? You need someone to tell you not to glitch inorder not to do it? *facepalm*

  • Simon

    @ Herbo, no I am not 10 years old and I don’t use glitches but the principle of banning people for something that is not forbidden is wrong. Fullstop.

  • Patrick Steen

    Glitches are forbidden. It says so in the Xbox Live Terms and Conditions. You’d also find yourself suspended in games such as Resistance if you glitched.

  • Simon

    Who says it’s a glitch? Why does no one blame IW for there even being such an exploit.

  • Patrick Steen

    All glitches and exploits are at the fault of the developer – and they act quickly to get them patched out. But exploiting them to win games, when you know they are a glitch, that should be punished as a deterrent.

  • Tommy

    I dont play fulltime but i play on the weekends when im off work, when is see people doing the glitch its pisses me off big time i play for fun with a few the lads and it pisses us off no one else in the game can get a serious kill streak they should be suspended 24 hours any more banned

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  • LittleTinker

    Now the real question that nobody has asked is: Can a javelin be fired by just the push of a single button without lock-on in real life? If it can, it ain’t a glitch.

  • LordCancer

    new site patrick?

    The glitch doesn’t win games it just ruins kill death ratios for everyone. on the plane graveyard level 9vs9 domination most of the opposite team was doing the glitch we slaughtered them in terms of the score but people on both teams were in the 60 death range, it wasn’t fun or funny. Theirs no excuse if users exploit bugs at the expense of other players, its just wrong plain and ruins the game for others.

  • realmadpuppy

    I know you don’t like it LC, but, I still prefer BC2 😛

    old P. Steen is on a new site, huh?

  • LordCancer

    yup looks like ill have to stop reading this one too haha

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  • Coyote

    Yeah, so it’s a glitch, so fix it, wtf.. Stop whining you snot nosed freaks. Like you win money playing. Microsoft is treating it like a hack. How about getting rid of the immediate respawns? Make people wait. Will stop them from running around like idiots and be more careful.

  • blinds

    for all you complaining about xbox live suspending people for the glitch its under there terms of service under “5. How You May Not Use the Service.” which states “# use or distribute unauthorized cheats, macros, or scripts; or
    # exploit a bug, or make an unauthorized modification, to any software or data to gain unfair advantage in a game , contest, or promotion.” which a glitch is technicly a bug so stop bitching!

  • Patrick Steen

    Hi LordCancer and realmadpuppy :) Good to see you…

  • Jw_jack

    I hate all glitchers and the easter eggs that iw left can be frustrating send me a request jw_jack
    Is my psn name

  • Callum Britcliffe

    now i know why every 1 nukes it on the afghan map lol

  • Callum Britcliffe

    they are on about banning you of xbox live for 2 weeks if u do this glitch it is up to activision to stop pissing about and block it

  • Callum Britcliffe

    does it work for xbox 360

  • Patrick Steen

    A patch has been released to stop people performing this glitch.

  • Callum Britcliffe

    how long ago was this

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