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Namco unveils Inversion — 2-player co-op TPS

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Namco Bandai Games has released seven screenshots for its recently announced title, Inversion. Inversion is a 2-player co-op campaign in third-person form that seems to be quite the mix of other released title. While it’s hard to judge a book by its cover, if Inversion can implement things from the games it’s obviously borrowing from successfully, then it could be a title worthy of checking out.

We’ve included a screenshot below, but you can see them all here.

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Comments (3)

  • Connor Skye

    The main character looks like Chris Redfield and the gameplay looks like a mix of Gears of War and Infamous. lol

  • Nick

    Post-apocalyptic UE3 shooter… SO ORIGINAL…

  • Zoibie

    So they go from Timeshift, controlling time, to this, controlling gravity. God, this has fail written all over it already. Please developers, if you’re going to be original, at least have a good idea!

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