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Naughty Dog reveals new image for Uncharted 2 DLC?

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Last night, Naughty Dog tweeted (we know) that they were up working late and provided gamers with an image which we figure is aimed towards the next line of downloadable content for the game. Considering Halloween is right around the corner (tomorrow), it kind of makes sense. It also seems plausible given the zombies featured in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Anyway, we think this is a great idea and should bring another element to the title.

We’ve included the image below.

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Comments (8)

  • Mopey

    Those arent zombies. Its the ‘Skelzor’ skin you unlock at lvl 60.

  • Dave-The-Rave

    Yeah this isn’t DLC its part of the original game..

  • The Dean

    Really? Thanks guys. I never unlocked that skin.

  • Chad

    Might be a new PvP game type. Never know.

  • theDUDE

    My guess is a new endles mode in multiplayer that is nothing but more and more skelzors coming at you. Kinda like Nazi Zombies but in 3rd person and probably more fun.

  • Mopey

    Yeah all it meant was that this weekend is double cash and everyone plays as either Skelzor or the Dead Explorer.

  • demo

    its for the halloween this week

  • R4j2iLL

    lol man i got the game this weekend, its sick but i m sucking online =(
    i m stuck at lvl 15

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