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Naughty Dog talks with PlayStation University: Part 1

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Onto Uncharted 2; it was your first foray into online, how do you think you’ve done in this area?

I think we’ve done quite well despite the odds seemingly against us in terms of making our debut in online gameplay. We tried a lot of new things, such as the Twitter integration, not to mention tackling the overall task of taking the defining UNCHARTED 2 gameplay and making it work in an online, multiplayer environment. Everyone involved definitely learned a lot of things during the process of implementing multiplayer into UNCHARTED 2, and we’ve been applying that knowledge in our continuing support of online.

There’s been quite a few patches, with complaints following update 1.05. How important is community feedback to the content of your patches?

Community feedback is an essential piece of the feedback loop that helps us update and move our online modes forwards. Their comments – be it praise or criticism – fit right into our established collaborative development environment. Our philosophy to our online mode in UNCHARTED 2 is to treat it as a long-term service to our consumers and our community, which means it’s absolutely critical to listen to them.

You’ve tried to answer angry fans with following patches, but many still feel the game was more fun at 1.04. Might you change it back to how it was, or is the new reduced health here to stay?

We feel the current way our multiplayer modes play creates a satisfying experience for our players, so we’re not considering a wholesale rollback to a previous patch at the moment. That doesn’t mean we’re standing still either, we’re still supporting our multiplayer modes through updates and fresh content.


Where should gamers post their feedback/problems?

The best place is on the Naughty Dog community forums at http://forums.naughtydog.com. Not only can our community members post their feedback there, but they can be sure that Naughty Dog developers read and participate on our forums.

Do you intend to add more competitive and cooperative modes?

We’re always considering what we can do to keep things fresh in online multiplayer. Just over a month ago we announced a special playlist, called “The Lab” that will run as a bi-weekly series where we collectively try out new gameplay variations. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these variations update or replace some of the existing playlist modes.

How much longer will you support Uncharted 2 with DLC?

We don’t have an exit strategy laid out at the moment, so to speak. While we don’t have anything specific beyond “The Lab” to discuss at the moment, we also haven’t stopped considering what new content we may want to release in the future.

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