Naughty Dog unsure whether next title will launch this generation

Naughty Dog’s Richard LeMarchand is unsure as to whether the studio’s next title will launch on PlayStation 3.

Speaking to Eurogamer, the designer claimed it is “very hard to say” if the next title from the California developer will be on PS3 or Sony’s next home console.  That game is of course expected to be Uncharted 4, following the release of the spectacular Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception earlier this week.

Le Marchand added his belief that the PS3 “still has a lot of mileage in it,” but, rather than a matter of power, pushing the hardware is now about processes.

“It now becomes a question of: how do we optimise those processing jobs that we send to the Cell processor; what kinds of things to choose to send to the Cell as opposed to the graphics processor; what different tricky ways can we find to get even more out of the system?”

“I think whatever we do next on the PS3 or on any future platform, we’re going to be able to apply those lessons we’ve learned in the course of making this sequence of games, and put those lessons to good use,” he added.

“Every single person at Naughty Dog is brimming with ideas for future games.”

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  1. Well, they have to launch a kart racer themed Uncharted on this generation of consoles first

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