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New Concept Art for Fallout MMO “V13″

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The lawsuit continues to go back and forth between Bethesda and Interplay in regards to the right to create a massively multiplayer online game based around the Fallout universe. Due to this legal battle, Interplay has released concept art from its upcoming project V13 (Fallout MMO). According to Interplay, “Keep in mind that this is concept art. It’s not finalized art, but it will give you a feel for what we are aiming for with V13,” Interplay’s Chris Taylor wrote.

We’ve included the images below.


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  • ShurikenSpammer

    Bethesda needs to stay well away from MMO’s. Oblivion and Fallout are games that should stay single player, If they start making MMO’s they would probably fall apart as a developer.

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