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New Elder Scrolls V: Skryim details emerge, talk of creatures, races, and AI

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim director Todd Howard has divulged new details regarding the game, giving insight on everything from racism causing a clash between Nords and Elves to new details on creatures and some of the major cities. In his recent interview with German site Gameswelt, Howard also talks about having a new system to push more polygons and how would allow for more characters on screen.

“We wouldn’t have to make as many choices between how many polygons or memory do we put into the environment versus the people,” Howard said. “The bigger cities still have walls that load you, so if we were on a next gen system that’s something we wouldn’t have to do.”

Other details from the interview include:

– Traps are more exciting and found in more areas as well as more puzzle type areas
– Alchemy has seen some minor tweaks, “works differently than Oblivion”
– More than 120 dungeons, plus over a 100 points of interest (side encounters)
– The Nine Divines and the Daedra are in the game, some of them offering unique quests.
– There are mammoths, wolves, deer, elk and rabbits.
– Mammoths are often near Giants.
– Story behind Giants and why they live in the wilderness
– Radiant AI for NPC’s include new animations to have them taking out various tasks such as cooking, building armor, working on leather, doing jobs, etc
– Special menus for such skills as cooking.
– There are raw and cooked versions of each food.
– Some are small dungeons spanning 15mins, to large 1-2 hour massive lairs
– In addition to using guilds, Bethesda is looking to provide top notch gameplay mechanics for warriors, wizards, and stealth players

Watch the full interview with Gameswelt below.

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Comments (7)

  • Timeis420

    Really looking forward to Skyrim! Among slaying dragons, killing Mammoths sound pretty cool. The upgrades to the visuals and AI sounds great too!

  • SkyrimGuild

    Looking forward to seeing more diversity between large city life and small towns and villages. Remember the town from Oblivion that was all in some kind of cult?

  • Yellowreef

    The screenshots and video so far have looked pretty good for this game. I’ve been thinking of going back through and playing Oblivion again.

  • SonyJunkie

    I think I have watched every single interview with Todd Howard about Skyrim and everyone I hear makes me more and more happy. I can’t wait for this game, it just keeps getting better and better.

  • AdamStalk

    Everything so far looks great! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    @ SkyrimGuild…I’m thinking of replaying it on PC as well. Thinking it’s time to freshin up on the storyline and stuff again.

  • Sarah

    The visual improvement alone is great! Loved Oblivion.

  • Tuukka

    Morrowind was a masterpiece and Oblibvion was very good. Hope Skyrim has the magical feeling which Morrowind had

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