New Mass Effect 3 trailer shows off Reaper and Thresher Maw action

With it being the final installment in the trilogy, Bioware wants to end Mass Effect 3 with bigger set-pieces, tighter action and overall awesomeness. In the recent trailer shown at the VGA’s, you’d have to be blind to not see any of those three things in it.

As awesome and fast-paced the gameplay looked, the true highlight is the cinematic fight between a Reaper and a Thresher Maw. It’s good to know those monstrous worms are on our side for this battle, though I still hope we get to whoop at least one of them for old times sake.

The game is set to release March 6, 2012. That gives us three months to hype up for one of the most anticipated games of next year.

Now all we need is confirmation on thresher maw romancing and it’ll be a guaranteed Game of the Year contender.