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New PS3 game announcement isn’t from Insomniac

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Well we thought it was a clue that the next PS3 game announcement was from a Sony first-party studio, but many of you have been posting guesses that GTTV’s game announcement is for Resistance 3. It isn’t.

We’re able to confirm that GameTrailers TV won’t be announcing an Insomniac Games’ title tomorrow (they’re second-party anyway). The developer’s James Stevenson has replied to a question on whether he knows what game is going to be announced on GTTV on the NeoGAF Forums with “Yes – but it is not a game from Insomniac.”

So there you have it. It’s not Resistance 3. So get your thinking hats on!

The exclusive PlayStation 3 has been announced, so read all about it here.

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Comments (61)

  • Dr. Moogle

    i doubt itll be a classic…..Crash???

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  • doomsday619

    Shenmue 3?

  • Kevin

    Sly Cooper 4?

  • marceall

    New Jak and Daxter or Wild Arms?

  • taus90

    well i was really looking forward for an R3 announcement but i pretty sure its in development and will be set in New York city. so other than Killzone 3 and MS3 it could be HAZE 2 :)

  • rich

    second party?

    no such thing.

    you mean third party: as in first person, third person.

  • Nick

    @rich – a Second Party Developer is one who is tied to a specific company by contract or partial ownership. Insomniac is a second party developer, as they develop all Sony-owned IPs.

  • Dr. Moogle

    @taus90: haze 2? LAWL

    itll be just terrible if it does turn out to be it

  • coolfoolsam

    The Last Guardian ftw!!!!

  • Inphi

    what if Resistance 3 isn’t gonna be developed by Insomniac, eh, ehhh?

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