Watch it be Piece Walker for the PSN …

Comment posted New PS3 game announcement isn’t from Insomniac by Dr. Moogle.

watch it be Piece Walker for the PSN -_-

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  • @taus90: haze 2? LAWL

    itll be just terrible if it does turn out to be it

  • i doubt itll be a classic…..Crash???

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  • Kojima working on adventure game with Suda 51
    oh wow, only 1 comment? perhaps i should come back to reclaim my throne ;p

    probably too lazy tho -_-

    but anyways, this would be AWESOME, seeing as how heavy rain did quite exceptionally…..and we’re talking about kojima here… for those of you who dont know, kojima also did quite a few radio dramas; this would not be too far off.

    I mean, it can be a remake/sequel to policenauts/snatcher or a new IP and ill still probably buy it….lest it just totally bombed

  • Mega Man creator to announce new game
    really? you put the pic of X instead of megaman in representation of the FATHER OF MEGAMAN??

    what is this treachery??

  • The most overlooked games of 2010 so far
    SSF4 and Bayonetta dont need to be on there imo
  • Sony: We legitimized Gaming
    to a point they did….but i got into gaming when i was but a wee lad with the SNES and Genesis

    so yeah, they did bring in quite a lot of people tho

  • Expect more games to become movie IPs
    omg please no…..too many games are becoming movies…ang guess what? im pretty damn sure most of them WILL fail

    is this to be another stupid ass fad?