Meh, needs more zombies …


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meh, needs more zombies

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  • 5 Movie Inspired Games That Don’t Suck
    i know Goldeneye 007 gets a lot of love and is viewed as a gem from the old days
    but for some reason i hated it
    it was a shitty unresponsive game when i played it
  • 10 Most Badass Weapons in Gaming
    the most fun weapon i’ve ever came across is the V-7 Splicer
  • The Homeroom Podcast – Episode 6: Too Much of a Good Thing? When Devs Go too Far
    as for multplayer, i dont play it that much or at all
    i diden’t want my uncharted 2 to have multplayer, in the days before the release i feared that the singleplayer would be given less developer attention, but that was not the case
    and after seing the gow ascetion multplayer i’ve changed my mind and am convinced its gonna make the game better
  • The Homeroom Podcast – Episode 6: Too Much of a Good Thing? When Devs Go too Far
    i got burned by gta4 so i am way more careful of the games i buy
    but i do have friends that buy fifa just because its fifa, and they told me that realize its nothig new but everyone else has it, so they buy it regardless

    if i could have a game released tomorrow, id want it to be shadow of the colossus 2, or a spiritual seqel/prequel to the game

  • How Sony Can Improve the PSN Store
    yea, i hate the new store search sistem
    i also hate how the new ps plus page is a mess, so it only shows the new games in the window, but only after you go to new arivals cuz the main page is a crapy add

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  1. meh, needs more zombies

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