News You Can Use: 04/19/12


New playthings and delayed games, such is the news today. Sony has some new toys on the horizon for gamers, a controller and a new way to watch movies and TV on your PS3 and Vita. The controller seems a bit weird, while “nasne” makes for exciting possibilities. On the developer and game front, Bethesda and THQ have announced that their upcoming hits Prey 2 and  Darksiders II will be delayed. Finally, the education system may finally be taking video game journalism seriously…at least in Iowa. Hey, it’s a start. Check out the stories below.

Sony announces ‘nasne’, the ultimate Sony electronic convergence deviceGameZone

Darksiders II Delayed to AugustIGN

Sony Patents Bizarre-Looking ControllerGame Informer

Prey 2 not cancelledBethesda Blog

University of Iowa Adds Video-Game Related Journalism CourseGame Politics