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Next Tony Hawk game confirmed and named

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Tony Hawk Ride was Activision’s reply to Skate. Sounds odd, considering EA’s Skate was in answer to Tony Hawk. However, Ride attempted to teal favour by building on the peripheral band-wagon with an electronic board for your in-game moves. Skate instead stuck to traditional controllers, utilising analogue sticks rather than button combos. It’s one of our top franchises that we want killed, but Tony Hawk is returning with another game.

A game titled Tony Hawk: Shred. Shred it up and put it in the bin. The main man revealed the game on his official Twitter account:

Tony Hawk: Shred. There, I said it. Actually, I named it. Somewhere a PR team is reeling.

Said message is now deleted, but was posted to the PlayStation University forums when the tweet was still upĀ earlier today. The comment’s removal no doubt confirms the game’s development, but we’re not terribly excited. We’ll be happy with Skate 3, thanks.

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Comments (8)

  • WolfieZero

    I know people don’t really care about the Tony Hawks series any more, and to be honest I’ve kinda left it but not forgotten it. I’ll check out Shred when more info is out, but I won’t disregard it as it’s one of those few products that uses endorsements that the dude who’s name is on the box understands their product.

    I actually felt sorry for Tony when Ride failed in that he really believed in the product and was gutted when it failed.

  • ImLastBoss

    My first time playing Tony Hawk was on ps1 and I never like any skating game before that. I haven’t played a TH since the one for ps2, underground I think.

  • TRF

    Skate is the new Tony Hawk. By that I mean it reigns king among skating games, but will probably be overdone. I don’t know how it’s so difficult to make a playable Tony Hawk game. It’s obviously been done before since THPS2 and 3 were arguably the greatest skating games ever made.

  • Joe Garcia

    Like I said in the forums, this deserves a fair shake because of the new developers putting more time into perfecting the board and neglecting the software. This time, they’ll have no excuse.

  • Moocows111111

    I loved the old Tony Hawk games, up until American Wasteland, After tat it was crap, after Crap, After Crap, I seriously doubt they would make this game any better.

  • Dr. Moogle

    oh wow, shred….what a great ass name /sarcasm

    man, the tony hawk games used to be awesome on the PS2…..


    Used to be awesome on PS2. But Activision just killed itself. Messing Tony Hawk series, Guitar hero series, now Call Of Duty series, and soon also the Bond series. Thank you very much Activision, now I’ll just stick with EA’s Skate

  • taus90

    Activison is killing all its good franchise by milking them (MW2), they’ve already killed TH for me in PS2 era, i remember i used to enjoy TH so much back in my PSone days. now its just Meh!!! Now skate is the Skate board game for everyone. TH feels so much skate wanna be

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