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Nolan North and Co. excited to start on Uncharted 3

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Unless you’re one of the hardcore crowd who finished Uncharted 2 in one sitting, chances are, you still haven’t beaten Among Thieves yet. However, Nolan North and the Naughty Dog team don’t care if you have or haven’t, they’re already excited to get started on the next installment into the franchise.

Speaking on Sony’s latest issue of Pulse, North revealed that the team was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to push forward in the franchise. “We desperately want to do a third one,” states North.

It’s no secret that Naughty Dog has left the franchise open to future iterations, but we didn’t expect them to want to jump into the next one so soon. Hasn’t anyone heard of a vacation?

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  • K-grim

    i know they took a vacation after they finished the 2nd one but already pumed up for a new uncharted
    i mean im happy they are already finking on a new one, but they disurve a longer wacation for making uncharted 2
    it just came out like a weeck ago

  • ShurikenSpammer

    Dude theres no need to point out that he can’t spell very well, thats totally not cool…

  • Elmisa

    lol ya man thats not cool lol well i loooooooove Uncharted 2 and if they want to star making the new one now good im happy about that i hope they do and i hope they dont forget about this one i mean i hope they come out with new dowloaded content for this one for single and multiplayer

  • dfresh89

    I got no doubt that we’ll see many Uncharted games to come after all it’s already becoming a household name in both the industry and people’s homes.
    It’s a huge seller this holiday season for the PS3.
    It’s popular amongst gamers.
    Why not continue to expand?
    I expect to see Uncharted 3 around Fall 2011.
    —Uncharted 1: Fall 2007
    —Uncharted 2: Fall 2009
    —Uncharted 3: Fall 2011 (Good guess.)

  • Remahr

    Well, seeing as how it took them a year to write and shoot it, we’ve got a year. But I don’t understand … would you rather them not want to make a sequel? I’m not surprised they’re excited seeing as their last game was the best-ranked Exclusive (and 2nd best ranked game) of this generation xD

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