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Opening Launch Giveaway! Details inside!

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As many of you know, we promised to launch with a decent opening night contest. This contest is open to all registered members of the forum and is as easy to enter as “Count me in!”

The winner will be drawn randomly through a number selector via your reply number. There is no restriction for your locale, so you can win so long as you have an address. The prizes are as follows.

1. First Choice between WET for PS3 or Guitar Hero 5 for PS3.
2. Second Choice between WET/GH5 or Resistance: Retribution Post.
3. Third Choice between WET/GH5/RR Poster or $15 Best Buy Cash.
4. Last and remaining prize.

That’s correct, there will be 4 winners chosen, so everyone’s odds should be fairly decent! Just enter at our designated contest forum.

Comments (3)

  • Nick

    Nice contest! I would love to win that Resistance: Retribution thing!

  • Brent

    i would like wet or resistance nice prizes

  • Sean

    Site looks really cool, good job. I’d love a copy of GT5 too.

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