Re-release of PS2 Classic Killzone on PSN delayed indefinitely

Some of you may recall that the original Killzone was due on on the PlayStation Network back on January 24th. Some of you may also recall that it didn’t quite make it. If you were hoping for some good news (in cased you missed the title of the story), then I’m afraid you will be just as disappointed as we were, as Guerrilla Games has announced that Killzone won’t be coming to PSN anytime soon.

A recent tweet from Killzone’s official Twitter stated, “I have no further info about KZ1 for PS3, save for the fact that it’s delayed indefinitely. If I learn anything else, I’ll tweet it here.”

There you have it. On the plus side, it seems that Killzone coming to PSN isn’t an entirely dead idea. However, “indefinitely” most of the time means a very, very long time (I think Half-Life 3’s release date is sometime around…indefinitely). If you want to keep up, make sure you keep an eye on the official Killzone Twitter, as they said they would tweet any updates they get.

[Source: Gamespot]