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Jack Tretton: Nintendo prints money!

Over the course of September, Sony has enjoyed the luxury of consoles sales that a $100 price drop can bring. Selling roughly 1.3 million consoles in the month of September alone is something that not many analysts saw coming. Realistically, … Continue reading

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Top 8 Games That Should Go Hollywood

We’re kicking this week off with another edition of our daily Top 8. Today, we’re covering the Top 8 Games that deserve to go to Hollywood. While the list includes obvious favorites, Killzone 2, I’m hoping a couple of others … Continue reading

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The Blackbuster Special: Blu-ray & DVD Differential

This article will mark the first segment and installment into The Blackbuster Special weekly video. This week, our very own BlackbusterCritic, dives into the differences between DVD and Blu-ray and how it affects not only the industry, but the consumer, … Continue reading

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New Modern Warfare 2 trailer is ‘Infamy’

Still waiting for the Sunday Night Football commercial to air live? Wait no further. Infinity Ward’s FourZeroTwo has tweeted a link to his followers revealing the new “Infamy” trailer from Modern Warfare 2. The trailer features some more of MW2’s … Continue reading

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The Rev Report: Episode 1 ‘ODST Parody’

It’s time for the first episode of our weekly segment entitled, The Rev Report. Prof. Rev, also known as SolidRev28 on YouTube, is our second YouTube Professor who will be creating exclusive video segments for our website. While Rev loves … Continue reading

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Concept art from cancelled Aliens RPG

Aliens has grown to become a pretty popular franchise considering none of its next generation titles have hit retail shelves and there has been a handful of titles apparently in development. From Aliens: Colonial Marines to an Aliens RPG from … Continue reading

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has gone Gold

It’s official, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has gone Gold. While this may not matter to many, if any, and we’re not going to announce when each title goes Gold, it almost feels mandatory to inform people that MW2 … Continue reading

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 to feature motion controls?

Sony and Microsoft have both been making splashes with their motion control technology during the last several gaming events. However, neither of these technologies will matter if neither has proper development support. While Microsoft is focusing on bringing in the … Continue reading

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God of War III Fan Kit #3 now available

Sony has released their third installment into the downloadable Fan Kit department for God of War III. While all of its contents aren’t going to be anything new or worth getting excited for, it’s always nice to grab some high … Continue reading

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Kevin Butler puts his spin on Uncharted 2

Sony’s good friend and employee, Kevin Butler, is up to his old antics once more. This time however he isn’t denying rumor mongrels or trying to unite families. Instead, Butler is giving out relationship advice to an unsure customer who … Continue reading

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