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Top 8 Home Improvements

It’s hard to believe that we’re coming up on the one year anniversary of Home’s open beta launch. With millions of transactions taking place, anybody who thought this social networking application would result in utter failure has pretty much been … Continue reading

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Sony charts Uncharted 2’s release date in Europe

It’s official. Sony has announced a release date for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in Europe. Originally planned to receive an October 23rd release date, Sony has moved the release up a week to October 16th. This is great news for … Continue reading

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Rumor: Dreamcast titles coming to the PSN?

We’ll never know how they manage to stumble upon some of the greatest discoveries, but the guys over at NeoGAF have done it again. According to this latest rumor, an individual from a french publication has found an interesting meeting … Continue reading

Opening Launch Giveaway! Details inside!

As many of you know, we promised to launch with a decent opening night contest. This contest is open to all registered members of the forum and is as easy to enter as “Count me in!” The winner will be … Continue reading

Modern Warfare 2 Hands-On Multiplayer Preview

Has Infinity Ward been able to make drastic improvements over the original? Find out inside. Continue reading

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WET Review

WET is a title that was at one time stuck in limbo with the giant partnering of Activision and Blizzard. This resulted in the publishing rights of the game being dropped. Thankfully, Bethesda Softworks saw the potential that this game … Continue reading

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Need for Speed: Shift Review

The ‘Need for Speed’ name is synonymous with motor racing games. The original, The Need For Speed – back in 1994 was widely accepted at the time as one of the best racing games around. Seven tracks and nine cars … Continue reading

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Dirt 2 Review

I have great memories of Colin McRae: DiRT. It was one of the first titles I picked up when I got the Playstation 3 – and certainly it was one of the first rally racers I’d played in quite a … Continue reading

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NHL 10 Review

It’s finally September again and for sports gamers that can mean only one thing. It’s time for hockey fans to go one-on-one to decide which sports franchise is going to claim hockey stardom this year. Last year, with 12 Sports … Continue reading

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NHL 2K10 Review

Every year in September and October, two giant developers/publishers do battle against one another to claim supremacy in the world of hockey and basketball video gaming. Over the years, we’ve seen a change in dominance from one to the other. … Continue reading

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