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Pirated PS3 games hit Beijing according to Chinese website

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According to a Chinese website, George Holtz’s PS3 hack has already lead to pirated PlayStation 3 games. Much of the article is hard to decipher due to poor Google translate results, but the jist is that pirated PS3 games are now available on burnt Blu-ray discs. However, they won’t be available to the market until the hardware and software cracks are available to the public.

A number of sceenshots of these reported pirate PS3 games are posted on the website. These include Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Final Fantasy Versus XIII (huh?), among thirteen others. However, these shots are hardly proof enough and, for now, we’re going to call shenanigans on the report (especially since the modded PS3 picture is Holtz’s own), despite the journalist stating that he has seen the pirated copies in action. The problem is not making Blu-ray copies, the problem is actually getting them to run on a PS3, modded or otherwise.

Cracking the PS3 is a lot harder than George Holtz stated, going beyond the hypervisor and requiring access to the PS3 Cell Processor’s SPUs, which are somewhat locked off. The website claims that a number of crack researchers have solved these problems, but this is most likley a case of pirates trying to scam other pirates. Arrrrr.┬áThis will remain a rumour for now, while Sony continues to research the reports.

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Comments (22)

  • Nick

    Is that… FF Versus XIII?

    Lol. I’ll call fake.

  • Patrick Steen


  • Loki

    Chinese are ahead of the developers.

  • LastBoss

    Chinese pirates are really good at what they do, but I’ll say this is fake for now.

  • reigen

    sounds fake
    but you newer know

  • What?

    FFVSXIII? Really? Really? come on guys you wanna make something up leave FFVSXIII out of the equation; that has to be fake, there isn’t even any info on the game yet. But this definitely sounds fake, damn Chinese pirates. lol

  • Patrick Steen

    Well, we happen to believe it’s fake as well, as is stated in the article.

  • TOmmy

    I smell a stinky fake. I can see some FF 13 Versus over there—

  • akuma


  • tarbis

    this made me laugh and a half XD

  • MugenGlider

    Why don’t they do something more productive like hacking the Ps3 to play Xbox 360 games, then I can tell the 360 fanboys how many exclusives they really got.

  • MugenGlider

    BTW FFVXIII? Chinese Pirates from the Future?

  • fearlubu

    that would be awesome if they really did get their hands on the current progress of Versus XIII LOL

    but yeah, i hope the PS3 cannot be pirated…just able to make apps and emulators like the PSP

  • WitWolfyZA

    Its a fake all right… I cant see the PS3 being pirated any time soon. Its TOO full proof, and lets say they do in some magical way get it to work Sony will disable it with the next FW update anyways.

  • Patrick Steen

    Chinese pirates from the future, sounds like a great premise for a B-Movie flick.

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  • David Macphail

    Definetly a fake, somebody needs to tell those “Pirates” that Final Fantasy Versus XIII isn’t out yet, in fact, it’s not even 50% through development. Those guys must be REAL geniuses if they’ve managed to pirate the full version of a game that isn’t finished.

  • Rinny Valentine

    That’s kind of a sad attempt of “pirateing” games.
    I mean, FFVSXIII isn’t even out.

    Seems like Chinese people not only can fly (according to movies, you know) , but can also travel in time.

  • StarSpeed

    Sony can just release a patch to stop people from playing those fake games, so it shouldn’t be a problem for Sony.

  • anees

    ahhh…im hopin it will be in market soon…coz i believe they can do it…haha

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