Hm, interesting. I looked into it and it …


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Hm, interesting. I looked into it and it seems that you’re right. I guess that means that the Hong Kong unit would be compatible with any GSM network around the globe?

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  • I hope that’s the case, as it is with most smartphones.

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  1. Absolute arse. First they announce AT&T as the provider, then crappy plans and then announce you can’t use it for multiplayer or even DLC! Why would I pay extra just for Near and Twitter plus some leaderboard BS that can update once I get home to use my wifi? Sony really dropped the ball on this one.

  2. ive heard that here in Slovenia were gona have T2 for vita 3g, ive got no problem with that,
    so i wana know more about this ATnT provider, are they realy that badd of a service in the states, or why is eweryone so pissed about it?

    • Their the worst they charge high prices and give you nothing. They only very popular because they had the iPhone for 3 years exclusively in the US before other carriers got it.

  3. Seems to be incorrect on a few points. You can import a Hong Kong model and use it on AT&T or T-Mobile in the states since it’s unlocked. The Japanese model is locked to Docomo, and the American model is locked to AT&T. Based on that, the only model that you could travel abroad with is the Hong Kong Vita unless they unlock the other regions’ units.

    • Hm, interesting. I looked into it and it seems that you’re right. I guess that means that the Hong Kong unit would be compatible with any GSM network around the globe?

  4. Will the Skype app be video calling enabled? And can anyone develop an app for vita & put it on PSN if Sony Allows?

    • Nope, they specifically said at CES that they aren’t targeting the App Store or Android Market and are only focusing on the core apps (Skype, Flickr, Netflix, Facebook, etc.).

  5. According to the Vita will support Google Maps.

    What i want to know is if the Vita will save maps to the memory card and you will be able to preload your map/route, so you don’t have to use your 3G data connection downloading maps in real time (and waste valuable MBytes of your data plan every time you use the GPS) but only use the 3G for positioning.

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