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PlayStation 3 has best library ever according to Famitsu

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Have you had your dose of console war mayhem lately? If not, this latest informal survey from Japanese publication Famitsu is sure to help get the war rolling. According to a survey of Famitsu magazine’s review scores, the PS3 has the highest-quality game library of any console platform to date — that includes the highly successful PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

What is most shocking, is despite the country being very cold as a whole to the Microsoft platform, the Xbox 360 actually ranks second (which they’re used to) on the list. I’d consider this an incredible achievement and a great push for the company in the Far East. It was definitely unexpected to see them ranked so high on the list considering Japan is known for not supporting anything created outside of its own borders.

Also, on the birth date of the PlayStation Portable, it’s revealed that the PSP has a much higher Gold standard percentage for its software than the Nintendo DS. While this may be because the DS releases a bajillion games a year and thus the quality is hindered, it’s still good to know that the PSP has released a ton of quality titles when it’s releasing them.

PS: The Game Gear sucks.

Check below for the full list.

1. PlayStation 3 (77/171, 45.03%)
2. Xbox 360 (104/240, 43.33%)
3. GameCube (87/240, 36.25%)
4. PSP (90/388, 23.20%)
5. Xbox (40/185, 21.62%)
6. Nintendo 64 (38/183, 20.77%)
7. PlayStation 2 (393/1997, 19.68%)
8. Wii (50/257, 19.46%)
9. Nintendo DS (152/887, 17.14%)
10. Dreamcast (62/407, 15.23%)
11. Game Boy Advance (90/618, 14.56%)
12. Sega Saturn (52/930, 5.59%)
13. PlayStation (130/2645, 4.93%)
14. Super NES (55/1407, 3.90%)
15. NES (34/955, 3.56%)
16. PC Engine (22/628, 3.5%)
17. Genesis (11/534, 2.06%)
18. Game Boy (15/1071, 1.40%)
19. Wonder Swan (1/179, 0.55%)
20. Game Gear (0/184, 0%)


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Comments (13)

  • Patrick Steen

    Percentages, smer-mentages. Xbox 360 has 27 more Gold titles than the PS3 according to Famitsu. Zing.

  • VofEscaflowne

    It’s no wonder the 360 is ranked so high, Microsoft is probably throwing cash at them for such a high spot on the list 😉

  • candyman

    Sony have 4813 games of which only 600 manage a good Famitsu review score interesting to say the least.

  • Patrick Steen

    The list is made up of Famitsu review scores of all games on the platforms – whether exclusive or not. If they score over 32/40 then they are considered gold. PS3 has 77 games that have scored over 32. It’s not a really list one could throw money at =)

  • Patrick Steen

    Not exactly “Sony” candyman, considering the majority of the games on the platforms will be third party developed. PS2 and PS1 had a whole bunch of shovelware.

  • candyman

    @Patrick Steen yeah true but you get what i mean :)

  • Thorzilla

    Great for both Sony and Microsoft. Of course this is thanks to some awesome third party games (and reason why PS3 is on top is because of in house developers) who make games for PS3 and 360 not porting to the Wii.
    Unfortunately, Wii and DS only see the light of the shovel.

  • scottspeed

    Sony has always had great games and this just proves how good the ps3 libary is. so many great games to chose from these days and with little money to get them :(

  • Loki

    WTF? Wonder Swan is the shizzle! Why is it on the 2nd to the last of the list . Lmao

  • TRF

    Nothing beats the PS2, Gamecube, and GBA. I don’t care what Famitsu.

  • Dr. Moogle

    as this is nice, the PS2 was the best system….its just that they were calculating by percentages….the PS3 and 360 having high scores just shows how “corrupted” the gaming media is now

  • Moocows111111

    Good I guess, I don’t care about Percentages because We will never play every single game nor will we own all of them, as long as I get to play great games with my console then I’m totally fine.

  • Hozi

    Thats great and all but I don’t really need Famitsu or anyone for that matter to give me the details. From the moment PSONE came out I loved SONY.

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