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Yo do u think AIM will be on …

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Comment posted PlayStation Chat: Interview with ThatGameCompany by DAGAMERX29.

yo do u think AIM will be on the ps3 since facebook is? i hope so

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    yo do u think AIM will be on the ps3 since facebook is? i hope so

  • Deedui69

    Lol, did i just listen to the whole thing? anyway awesome stuff guys, i’ll be looking forwards to more catting and eventually it will be with bigger companies like nauthy dog, polyphony or something like that.

  • SonyJunkie

    Can’t listen to it. Shouldn’t have started with an interview right away. Should have started with news about Playstation first then did the interview so my attention would have been grabbed and I would have sat through the interview but not when it was right off the bat.

    Just a tip that can be passed along.

  • GorgeousGeorge

    from the name i thought they would actually do a video chat in playstation chat

  • The Dean


    This IS an audio interview. It’s not a “Podcast Episode.” During their Podcast episodes they’ll be discussing gaming, etc. Just FYI

  • Skynet4EVER

    There pretty good. I like psnation podcast myself. 😀

  • Zippy

    Thanks for the comments guys. As The Dean said, this isn’t how our episodes are normally , it was just an interview. We normally record our full episodes on thursday evenings, with the show becoming downloadable by monday at the latest.

    Hope everyone keeps listening, and feel free to send us a message at playstation-chat@hotmail.com. If you want to have a chat with us on skype, our IDs are patrick.n.m (Me), playstationchat (Simon) and playstation-chat-cd (ConfusedDude).


  • SonyJunkie

    @The Dean

    Oh, ok. Thanks for clearing that up. Thought it was a podcast and was disappointed when it wasn’t. Will listen to the podcasts when they are up.

    Also might join in on the Skype chat cause I love talking about games.

  • ClearCut83

    Nice work…good to see another great addition to the site! Welcome “Playstation Chat”.

  • Patrick Steen

    Great work guys. Look forward to more :)

  • alex c

    so theve got flow, flower, there contracted with sony for 3 games, ….whts the 3rd man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! six axis support , yer boi!’

  • Clesstan

    I love ThatgameCompany… they know what they’re doing. and very humble =D

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