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PlayStation Education: Pop Quiz!

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So, how did you guys do?

1. b.
2. d.
3. a.
4. b.
5. c.
6. d.
7. a.
8. c.
9. b.
10. a.
11. a.
12. d.
13. b.
14. a.
15. d.
16. c.
17. b.
18. d.

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Comments (20)

  • The Dean

    Lol — I actually struggled with this quiz. Joe did a great job putting it together.

  • TRF

    I guessed on EVERY question.

  • scottspeed

    some very easy and some very hard questions. ended up guessing mostly as game specific questions are hard if u havnt played them before.

  • Hero

    That was tough.. forgot a lot of those.

  • Clesstan

    what a refreshing quiz!
    felt good answering…and guessing some of the questions XD

  • VofEscaflowne

    Quite a few I had to purely guess on or wasn’t 100% sure. I have no idea how many I got right after looking at the answer sheet though since the page I answered on doesn’t list it as a) b) c) d) anymore. Oh well :p Fun quiz just to see how much I know about Playstation!

  • Joe Garcia

    I’m enjoying reading all of these poll results so far, lol.

  • Moocows111111

    Haha pretty cool quiz XD I got a majority of them right, ones I messed up on was the trophies one and “Who was the first player to ever grace the cover of Madden ?”

    Off Topic- Joe Garcia are you Wonsauto? Just wondering lol

  • Joe Garcia

    @Moocows – The WonsAuto you once knew died of a broken heart upon learning that Kevin Butler was just a hired actor, and not really the VP of First Person Shooter Relations. Through the magic of animatronics, he’s been revived as the Joe Garcia you see today.

    Phew, glad that’s cleared up!

  • Dr. Moogle

    this quiz has a pretty nice balance between easy and hard questions!

    i thought the madden question was a trick one lol….if i recall, in either 2001-2003 i think….there was a player featured in the BACKGROUND as madden took up lik 90% of the spotlight……..but i forgot the name of that player so i guessed lol….turns out he wasnt one of the options :\

    and uhh i missed which FF didnt release on a PS system….i picked IV :(

    16/18, not too bad

  • megatopak

    yay 18/18 hundred percent 😀

  • Deedui69

    Yeah, the answers “sheet” didn’t help me because when i check back… It doesn’t say if I chose a, b, c or d :-(. I only see the options i chose and that’s it… Anyway, the questions i didn’t know about i just googled them XD. J/K I’m not that nerdy Hahaha

  • Dave-The-Rave


  • Thorzilla

    That was tough. Doubt I even got half right.

  • Fuzzywuz

    Which of these songs wasn’t in the PS2 version of Guitar Hero II?

    And most people voted Them Bones by Alice in Chains. wtf?

    The Trooper by Iron Maiden, who got the least votes, is a song exclusively for the Xbox.

  • Balram

    FAB! Quiz! XD
    Don’t make one for Xbox or Nintendo, contrinue makin more with PlayStation XD

  • Kevin Sax

    Great quiz! Now if I only got more of those right… Haha.

  • BlinkyEC

    I fucking suck !

    Make a quiz I’d be good at :snicker


    Man, I sucked.
    Most of the questions I didn’t know. I have a PS3 and PS3.

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