PlayStation Education: The Pop Quiz Returns! [CONTEST]

Today marks two years since I posted my first article here on PlayStation University. You’re probably thinking “Who cares?” I do, and I get to post whatever I want on here, so there.

Anywho, that very first article was the infamous Pop Quiz, and was some of the most fun I’ve had putting something together for the site. It’s a broken mess of HTML now — it all went to hell when we redesigned the site back in December 2010. I still have the Word document that I originally drafted it on, so I was able to humiliate Malcolm and Tyler on Episode 009 of our podcast.

What’s the point of all this rambling? Well, I really do feel pretty good about my two years writing for PS Uni, and I wanted to celebrate. Below you’ll find another quiz to put your PlayStation Education to the test. This time, though, you won’t find the answers on the following page. Instead, I want you to send your answers in an email to psunipodcast [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line “Pop Quiz”. From there, I’ll randomly select someone who gives me all of the right answers between now and 3PM Central on Friday, March 30th to win a download code for Journey, the new PSN game by thatgamecompany. Unfortunately, my magic only allows me to purchase a North American code; sorry, international readers.

Journey’s worth $14.99, which is nothing to sneeze at. As such, neither will this quiz. Try not to cry.

1.) Clap Hanz develops a cartoony golf game that is known by three different names worldwide. Which of these isn’t one of them?

a. Everybody’s Golf
b. Minna no Golf
c. The People’s Golf
d. Hot Shots Golf

2.) Phil Harrison joined Sony in 1992 and worked for the company until 2008. What was his position when he resigned?

a. President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios
b. CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
c. President of Sony Computer Entertainment America
d. Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment

3.) Which of the following is the all-time best-selling PS1 game in the UK?

a. Tekken 3
b. Rayman
c. Gran Turismo 2
d. Tomb Raider 2

4.) Starhawk is the spiritual successor to 2007’s Warhawk, which was itself a remake of a PS1 game. Who developed the 1995 classic?

a. Psygnosis
b. 989 Studios
c. Japan Studio
d. SingleTrac

5.) For as vast as its library was, it was really two franchises that dominated the PS2 worldwide sales charts. Which of these is the all-time best-seller on the system?

a. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
b. Gran Turismo 4
c. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
d. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

6.) The PlayStation 2 Hard Disk Drive was surprisingly beefy for its day. Just how big was it, though?

a. 20 GB
b. 40 GB
c. 60 GB
d. 80 GB

7.) Which was the first PS1 game to require the DualShock’s predecessor, the Dual Analog Controller?

a. Gran Turismo
b. Twisted Metal 4
c. Ape Escape
d. Bushido Blade

8.) A surprising amount of popular Metallica songs didn’t make the cut when the band
got their own Guitar Hero game in 2009. Which of the following was the only song to make it into the game?

a. The Four Horsemen
b. Ride the Lightning
c. Blackened
d. Master of Puppets

9.) Which of the following Marvel superheroes was playable in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2?

a. Spider-Man
b. Wolverine
c. Iron Man
d. Captain America

10.) Despite its close ties to the PlayStation brand, not every Metal Gear game is playable on one of Sony’s platforms. Which of the following requires the competition’s hardware?

a. Metal Gear
b. Metal Gear: Ghost Babel
c. Metal Gear 2
d. Metal Gear Acid

11.) It seems that every classic TV game show had its own PS1 game…except one. Which one?

a. Jeopardy!
b. Wheel of Fortune
c. The Price is Right
d. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

12.) This year marks the first time that MLB: The Show has had two different covers. Who’s the cover boy in Canada?

a. Jose Bautista
b. Joe Carter
c. Roberto Alomar
d. Yunel Escobar

13.) Phil Hartman voiced the lead character in which PS1 game?

a. MediEvil
b, Jersey Devil
c. Blasto
d. Bubsy 3D

14.) The PS Vita has a brilliant screen that features some of the highest pixel density in any device out there. What’s the pixel density, exactly?

a. 132 ppi
b. 220 ppi
c. 234 ppi
d. 326 ppi

15.) Which of these games based on The Simpsons is playable on PlayStation 3?

a. Virtual Bart
b. The Simpsons: Hit & Run
c. The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World
d. The Simpsons Arcade Game

That’s all I’ve got! To recap: Submit your answers in an email to psunipodcast [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line “Pop Quiz”, and I’ll randomly select someone that gives me all the correct answers to receive a (North America-only) download code for Journey. You have until 3PM Central on Friday, March 30th.

What are you waiting for? Go!

UPDATE [3/30/12]: ¡No más! The contest is closed, and we have a winner. The only person to answer all of my questions correctly was Rann Y., who can be found on Twitter as @rann78. ‘Grats! Thanks to everyone that entered!

You’d probably like the answers now, right? Take a peek on the next page…

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  1. Coolness. Hope I win this time. After the whole Reneid-Klein-Got-All-But-The-Last-Question-Right-And-Suddenly-Everyone-Else-Copied-His-Answers-And-Answered-The-Last-One-Right-And-Got-Credit-For-It-And-Reneid-Didn’t fiasco from a few years ago, these have left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. But this time it’s not public and a random draw so here’s to hope.

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