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PlayStation Portable has sights to become educational

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For those with a PlayStation Portable, when’s the last the time you asked yourself, “I wonder if I can use my PSP as a proper educational tool?” If you haven’t, fear not, because someone else has been asking that question for you.

ConnectedED, a division group of Sony UK, has been marketing the ways PlayStation products can be used as educational tools. ConnectedED has come up with a project called Second Sight, a program that can be used through an external system that docks into your PSP through the camera slot. Using semacode, a picture of black and white squares, the camera sees the semacode and allows Second Sight to scan the information and trigger the start of a program associated with the semacode. In other words, think of it as scanning a barcode with your PlayStation Portable. Once the information is scanned, your PSP will automatically play MP3s, show pictures, or show videos.

For a great example, imagine any number of text books you’ve read that deal with the planet Mars. While reading about the red planet, the PSP can scan the code and show you Mars lifting off the page. By moving the PSP, you can see the planet from every possible angle. Whether or not Second Sight becomes an acceptable medium for educators remains to be seen, but any excuse to play with a PSP in the classroom can be a good thing, right? Check out the video below for a full introduction to Second Sight:


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  • Moocows111111

    Don’t see why you need a code to unlock the contents -.- Think its just a gimmick or something.

  • TRF

    Sweet, using a PSP is educational . . . now if only they could make using a PSP fun.

  • scottspeed

    i would love it if u had a excuss to be able to use your psp in class. whether it makes more fun and better maybe not

  • Ryan


    lol word.

  • Dr. Moogle

    this is new? i thought i heard of such news like this about 8 months to a year ago :\

    but yeah, im all in for them giving kids free PSPs in the name of “education”

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