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PlayStation University is Hiring

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Hello Browsers and faithful Readers,

After a successful six months of existence, I’m finally opening up the staff a bit and accepting applications for writers and designers. I’ve received applications in the past, but figured at our smaller size we wouldn’t need much help — however, after the growth we’ve experienced over this six months, it’s time we open up a little bit.

I’m looking for writers who can cover the day-to-day news as well as those who would like to (and enjoy) writing fun features for the front page. An example of a feature would be our recent Cosplay feature. If this is something you’d like to do then please send an email to the address below with either a writing sample or examples of previous work.

I’m also looking for one or two graphic designers who would like to help out around the site in creating content on the front page for those written features. If this is something you’d like to do, please feel free to apply with some examples of your work.

Those interested can apply at jobs@playstationuniversity.com.


The Dean

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Comments (24)

  • TRF

    It’d be awesome to work for PSUni, but I’m much too young to work for you. >_<

  • ARC-1300

    neat, would love tom get into this, so pretty much we just get into the website url and apply. well do this we i get out from my other job

  • leetho

    Hopefully this web content thing is something that I would be capable of doing.

  • TRF

    Wow, has it seriously been six months? That’s crazy.

  • Dave-The-Rave

    Not sure if im good enough.

  • WonsAuto

    Wow, not bad, sir. I actually wouldn’t mind being a features writer… how soon would you like to get these emails?

  • Kratos

    I like to write, but dont think PSU would want to have me publish pieces without seeing one from the past.

  • Moocows111111

    Is it a paying job, or more like a volunteer experience? I am somewhat interested XD

    Also its only been 6 months? Seriously Playstation University seemed like it lasted much, much longer because all of the professionally journalism and the overall layout seems like something from IGN or something.

  • Dreamer_Lion

    Just sent my application. Even if I don’t get the job, I would like to see something like the writing example I sent you guys xD.

    That would be fun.

  • JudgeYiazamat

    Just wrote my sample for the application. Is there any specific details you need on contact information. Thanks.


    im much 2 young sorry wud if i could

  • Hozi

    I am greatly interested in this job. However, I do not know if I’m eligible for this because I do not live in the United States. I will still send an E-mail and pray that it all works out.

  • Ultima

    Ha, I’d love to work, but I’m only 16. : /

  • bubano

    6 months already? Sorry can’t write engrish.

  • scottspeed

    i would like to help but not good with graphic design and not really good at writing articles. english grammar not great :)

  • Hozi

    C’mon People. This is your chance to try something new. Use those minds of your’s to make help make PlaystationUniversity the best it can be. This can be a terrific learning experience for some of you and who knows, It might just be one of the best decisions you ever make. For those of you with the experience required, don’t be lazy send in you E-mails right away. Make PlaystationUniversity proud to have such great supporters.

    After all, it never hurts to try.

  • leetho

    @Hozi, I sent in my application already and so far no reply. Is there actually a lot of people that actually applied?

  • Hozi

    @leetho, I don’t know how many of us applied but I did. Just make sure when you apply. You write as best you can. Let them see how broad you your understanding of the English language is and if you have any experience.

    eg.- Web design, Graphic design, photoshop, etc..,

  • leetho

    @Hozi, I’m not writing, oh god no. I applied for the graphic design position.

  • Hozi

    @leetho, I applied to write. I like Graphic Design but I Think Ill write better

  • leetho

    @Hozi, and I can’t write to save my life. I could barely speak proper English, let along write without having thousands of grammar errors.

  • Dr. Moogle

    huh, i see PSUniversity doesnt mod this stuff anymore…..seeing Hozi and leetho’s posts

    im not saying anything, im just saying

  • The Dean

    There is nothing wrong with their posts.

  • Dr. Moogle

    oh, i thought there was a rule about not conversing with each other like that…and to stay directly on subject or something

    its not big deal tho

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