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PlayStation University: User’s Choice Awards

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Welcome to the inaugural PlayStation University: User’s Choice Awards. Over the last week or so, we’ve been running a nomination thread on our community forums so that you, the user, could nominate your favorite games for our yearly video game awards. I’d like to thank everyone who participated and everyone who helped us in creating our polls for each category.

We’ve decided to go with 13 Main Categories this year and if everything goes smoothly, we’ll expand on that number next year with some wildly inventive categories to add a little fun into the mix.

As promised, I have CDs, DVDs, and a few games to give away to all of you who vote and take part in the process. If you’re wondering how you win, I’ll tell you!

Your IP will be logged for every poll you submit your vote to. Once you’re done submitting your choices, leave a comment below letting us know that you voted. At the end of the voting process (1 week from today), we’ll draw winners for prizes. However, if the IP in the comment section doesn’t match up with the IP votes from the polls, you will be disqualified. Prizes are exclusive to only those users who are voting! (Remember, there are 14 pages, so click on each to vote in that poll!)

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Comments (55)

  • bubano

    Tested the demo of LBP on PSP. It is really amazing.

  • Taemaxsu

    Uncharted 2 is the best game ever made, end of story.

  • BlinkyEC

    @2 wow that’s a bit far

  • bubano

    Hmpf to my first reply. Thought it was only one poll. No ACiT :( This is the bestest :)

  • K-grim

    why is motorstorm arctic edge not in the list
    its better than litle big for the psp

  • ARC-1300

    loved the LBP psp, just like the original but potable. of course some features were left out, but it still turned out great

  • NoctisLucisCaelum

    im sorry for not sharing my opinion with everyone im proud of uncharted 2 and i respect that but for me game of the year belongs to assassins creed 2 =]

  • Meh-ga Man

    i voted.

  • xero135

    i done voted

  • Nick


  • Thorzilla

    PSP Game of the Year: Dissidia
    Sports Game of the Year: Fifa 10
    PS3 Game of the Year: Uncharted 2
    360 Game of the Year: Left 4 Dead 2
    Surprise Game of the Year: Borderlands
    Best Cast in a Video Game: Uncharted 2
    Best Voice Acting: Nolan North as Nathan Drake
    Best Studio: Naughty Dog
    Best Driving Game: Forza 3
    Best RPG: Borderlands
    Best Graphics: Killzone 2
    Best Shooter: Killzone 2
    Most Anticipated Game: God of War III
    Game of The Year: Uncharted 2

  • Mopey


  • naju890

    LBP for or the win



    Uncharted 2 game of the year hands down.

  • SolidSok

    voted. i was very impressed with uncharted 2 and demon’s souls. Can’t forget Killzone 2 either. Those three games are my favorite games this year.

  • Metfanant


  • WonsAuto

    Surprised that there were 360 categories, but none for multiplat. I would’ve given multiplat GOTY to Assassin’s Creed 2 for sure. Either way, great year for gaming as a whole!

  • Ryan100100

    i voted

  • jaz350z


  • SonyJunkie


    Pretty good list of game. Some categories have games I never played ad based those votes on what I have heard.

  • GorgeousGeorge


  • thatonedude100

    GAME OF THE YEAR IS UNCHARTED 2!!!!!!!! ( i voted )

  • DrunkDeadman

    Uncharted 2, InFAMOUS, Killzone 2, ACII, Batman, R&C and Demon’s Souls are all deserving of Game of the Year.

    Sadly we are allowed to choose only one…

  • joeblood

    I voted.

  • John

    Voted. I think i voted for Uncharted 2 in all nominated categories…man, I love that game.

  • RedGuy

    With so many quality games this was a great year for gamers!

  • SpoonPower

    Currently UC2 have gotten all the votes for GOTY except for two, lol.

  • Tseng VII

    Was surprised at a few of the popular votes, but great feature overall.

  • Jimmy

    Voted, Uncharted seems to be the big winner (deserved)
    Dragon Age = GOTY for me, been a while since I had so much fun with a Single player.

  • PS3 alex

    I VOTED hope i win
    go Uncharted and Batman!!!
    and most antisipated game 4 me is Bioshck 2
    then GOW III
    then Heavy Rain

  • silentcell55

    No Last Guardian on most anticipated?

  • daevv

    I voted!
    Also; “Best Downloadable” game goes to Shadow Complex!

  • YuN9 5E5

    Uncharted 2 definatly was the game this year, but there was a ton of awesome games that came out like batman, infamous, killzone 2, modern warfare 2, demon’s souls, resident evil 5, etc. an awesome year for gaming

  • Padraic

    I voted!

  • max


  • xero135

    no 3d dot game heroes for most anticipated? LOL

  • Dave-The-Rave

    I voted..though Im pissed that once again FFXIII isn’t in the most anticipated list !!

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  • NightFalcon

    Uncharted 2 is the greatest game ever created!

  • Hero

    Voted, not surprising results for a lot of them lol.

  • papaw

    Voted, not much of a surprise with the answers. Although I did get some wrong

  • Leon

    I voted. What a fantastic year

  • Epyon_1

    ya boy voted! nice nominations. i think i would want the psn card

  • Scotty

    Voted for what I could – a few categories, Sport games and 360 games I was unable to have input on.

    There have been some amazing games this year, its been fantastic 😀

  • elbarto

    I think CTW tried to do something new and refreshing so I voted for it.

  • elbarto

    My vote goes for Infamous no contest, in my personal opinion its the best game released on ps3 so far. Great story (didn’t expect that at all), addicting gameplay, great voice acting, good graphics for an open world game and awesome ending. I want a sequel.

  • ayob

    voted, very good year for gaming

  • TheDJAtomika


  • SpiderJ95

    I voted! This year was awesome! Can’t wait for when the prizes are given out!

  • SpiderJ95


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