PlayStation Vita Japanese sales numbers drop under 20,000 in fourth week

PlayStation Vita’s Japanese launch started off well, with close to 325,000 units sold in its first week.

That hasn’t been the case in recent weeks, though, with sales figures dropping to just over 72,000 in its second week and fewer than 43,000 in the third.

When it comes to week four sales, the word bleak comes to mind.

According to Japanese data collector Media Create, Sony’s latest handheld managed to sell just 18, 361 units. Its predecessor, the PSP, managed to sell over 4,100 units more.

Concerning times for the portable powerhouse? Maybe. Many have dismissed any worry surrounding the plummeting sales figures, but should it continue, there may be a problem. Let’s see what happens when Vita launches in North America and across Europe on February 22.

Thanks, Adriasang.