Project LMNO target footage revealed

Electronic Arts and Steven Spielberg had been working together on what was looking to be a potentially stellar video game release that was given the codename — Project LMNO. Despite not knowing much else about the game other than the target render kicking some serious ass, many were lead to believe that the project was still running smoothly within a development team. Unfortunately, last month it was revealed that Project LMNO had been cancelled.

According to a former EA developer named Jake Kazdel, it wasn’t quite clear as to why the project was canned, but he did have the following to contribute.

“I don’t know exactly what was the thing that made it fall apart,” Kazdal said on the podcast. “I’m sure anybody you ask is gonna tell you something a little bit different, but it didn’t end up ever taking off.”

“There was some rival game stuff that may or may not have come out of EA that was basically the same thing minus some of the stuff we were doing. There was just a lot of politics.”

Regardless of what happened, we’ve included the target footage that Spielberg and Co were gunning for. Needless to say, the game definitely had its potential.

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  1. Looks really interesting, shame it’ll never see the light of day.

  2. what was that?
    i dident get anything

  3. i cant really go whoa over a couple seconds of footage so…..yeah

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