PS All-Stars Character Spotlight – Nathan Drake vs. Sly Cooper

In the character spotlight series, I will display the bios for each of the fighters in the rivalry, as well as a video showing their cutscene and rivalry fight. In this edition we have Nathan Drake and Sly Cooper as rivals – one of the matchups that actually makes perfect sense. Not only are the two characters treasure hunters from different generations of Sony consoles, but the two companies are almost rivals of sorts. Sly Cooper vs. Jak and Daxter and now inFAMOUS vs. Uncharted. It makes a lot of sense that these two would be in-game rivals and their play-styles matchup very well against one another. The only downside is that since Sly is relatively small, he can very easily stay beneath Drake’s line of fire when using his ranged gun attacks. Check out the bios and video below, along with some analysis afterwards.

Sly Cooper Character Analysis:

As you can see in the fight that ensued, they play fairly differently. Sly is effective as a fighter that sneaks in to dish out some damage, then escapes close quarters combat in order to set up further attacks. He also has a nice assortment of traps and other abilities. One of the main differences between Sly and virtually all of the other characters in the game is the fact that he cannot block – instead, he goes invisible. Note: invisible does not mean invulnerable, as you saw, I could still attack him and even won the match by landing a super on him while he was invisible.

Level One Super: An Ally appears and body slams opponents in front of you, falling in straight line.

Level Two Super: Take control of a jetpack and rain death from above

Level Three Super: Recon Sly attacks from the foreground

Nathan Drake Character Analysis:

He is very much a ranged character, but isn’t afraid to get up close and personal when necessary. He is efficient at delivering quick and effective melee combos, along with his handy slide-kick and superman-punch follow up. Drake can utilize all sorts of firepower whether it be chaingun (powerful but hard to land on an even plane like this level,) hiding behind cover and firing, pistols, pistole-esque shotguns, grenade launchers – just about everything really. The trick to Drake is knowing when to use which type of attack and keeping your distance, until necessary to close in on them.

Level One Super: Drake tosses an explosive barrel and shoots it on your command.

Level Two Super: Drake knocks over a tiki statue, killing anyone it touches.

Level Three Super: Drake turns the other players into beasts that cannot attack and has a bit of target practice.

Let us know what you think of these two characters in the game and who you want to see for our next character spotlights. We will do features on each rivalry in the game!

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